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Stellar X2 Vintage Review | Is This The Best Mic Under $300?

September 30, 2021 
Stellar X2 Vintage Blog Cover Image
Last Updated on October 23, 2023

When it comes to doing a Stellar X2 Vintage review, the words quality and budget come to mind. They are the two words that sum up this microphone and everything it is about. We all want the best quality for the least amount of money and that is what this mic delivers.

Designed and manufactured by TZ Audio Products, this is their only vintage microphone. It resides along side the Stellar X2 and X3 large capsule condenser microphones to complete their line-up. It has a sound of it's own which is rich in the mid-range and dull in the highs.

The Stellar X2 Vintage microphone is great on vocals, acoustic guitar, and anything you want to capture naturally in a space. Whatever you record with this is going to get added warmth and fullness to it. It may not be the perfect mic for every singer and genre of music, but it definitely covers a large range of both.

In this Stellar X2 Vintage review, I'm going to go over this microphone in detail. I'm going to discuss what the microphone comes with, what it is made of, its frequency response, its polar pattern, it's price, how it compares to the standard Stellar X2, and lastly my thoughts on the product. After reading this article, you'll know whether or not this is a microphone you want to add to your collection. Lets begin!

What Comes In The Stellar X2 Vintage Package?

The Stellar X2 Vintage microphone package gives you almost everything you need to start recording. It comes with the microphone itself, a windscreen, and a quality shock mount. You will need to purchase a microphone stand separately. Below are links to two different stands I recommend depending on your use case.

What Is The Stellar X2 Vintage Made Of?

The Stellar X2 Vintage is a quality built microphone. TZ Audio Products not only captured the vintage look but made all efforts to make sure this microphone would withstand the test of time. In this Stellar Vintage X2 review, I'm going to discuss the 3 characteristics that make this microphone what it is. Let's first begin with it's capsule.

K47 Capsule Style

TZ Audio Products Stellar X2 Vintage Microphone K47 Capsule.

The Stellar X2 Vintage microphone uses the infamous 1947 style capsule. This capsule is known for producing a mid-range focused sound. This is the vintage tone we've all come to know and love today.

The capsule is made of pure brass and Japanese imported Mylar. Due to the way it is manufactured, it can achieve a tighter tolerance. The capsule is extremely sensitive allowing it to pickup the most quiet sounds. This makes it great option to capture those intimate performances.

Highly Optimized Circuit

TZ Audio Products Stellar X2 Vintage Microphone Circuit.

The Stellar X2 Vintage microphone contains a transformerless JFET circuit. This circuit provides great performance with low noise (<10dBa) and low distortion. The circuit itself is made of German WIMA film capacitors with the PCB containing gold traces for the best conductivity. Other components within the infrastructure work with the K47 capsule to give this microphone it's vintage tone. The quality of this microphone's circuitry is second to none!

High Quality Construction

TZ Audio Products Stellar X2 Vintage Microphone.

The Stellar X2 Vintage's body and frame is made of iron. This allows for extended durability and helps from damage if dropped. The main portion of the body is powdered coated and then treated within an oven. This makes the microphone resistance to scratches. Lastly, electroplating is used for painting giving the microphone a professional shiny finish.

Stellar X2 Vintage Frequency Response

TZ Audio Products Stellar X2 Vintage Microphone Frequency Response Chart.

The Stellar X2 Vintage microphone has a frequency response you would expect for a vintage microphone. It has a slight roll off in the lows, a bump starting a 1.5kHz, and then a steady decline starting at 4kHz. The mid-range bump mixed with the declining high-end is what gives this microphone it's overall vintage sound.

Stellar X2 Vintage Polar Pattern

TZ Audio Products Stellar X2 Vintage Microphone Polar Pattern Chart.

The Stellar X2 Vintage microphone has a standard cardioid polar pattern. This pattern is often described as the "butt pattern" and mostly picks up from the front of the microphone. This makes its great for studio singing and podcast formats.

Stellar X2 Vintage Price

No Stellar X2 Vintage review is complete without talking price. This microphone is priced to sell and comes in with a tag of $269.99. This is a great price for the quality build and tone this microphone provides. If you wanted a comparable microphone you could be looking at more than $500 or even $1000. With what the X2 Vintage has to offer, along with it's price tag, it's definitely worth a look!

Stellar X2 Vs Stellar X2 Vintage

The Stellar X2 and X2 Vintage microphones sound completely different. Where as the vintage model has a defined mid-range boost, the standard version is very subtle. On top of that, the standard version has a dip peaking around 6kHz. Now, the standard version does have a boost peaking around 11kHz that is going to give you some nice added air. The best way to describe the difference in sound between these two microphones is that the vintage version will be more mid-range and duller and the standard version will be less mid-ranged and brighter.

Final Thoughts

There are many great microphones out there in all different price ranges. The Stellar X2 Vintage is definitely one of the best options within its range. With its warm vintage tone and quality build, you can't go wrong with this microphone.

In this Stellar X2 Vintage review, we have gone over many aspects of this great microphone. Hopefully now you have a better idea of what it has to offer. If you are interested in purchasing this microphone I have provided a link below for you to do so. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comment below. Happy Recording!

"Some of the links within this article are affiliate links. These links are from various companies such as Amazon. This means if you click on any of these links and purchase the item or service, I will receive an affiliate commission. This is at no cost to you and the money gets invested back into Audio Sorcerer LLC."

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