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Welcome to the future of audio mastering! Our AI-powered mastering service is designed to bring professional sound quality to your music effortlessly and affordably. Partnering with Stemmer, our platform imitates our own unique, professional mastering style, offering you a top-notch, genre-agnostic mastering solution.

Our online mastering AI is tailored to cater to the nuances of different musical styles, ensuring that every track retains its artistic intent while achieving a polished, radio-ready finish. Whether you're an emerging artist or a seasoned producer, our fast mastering process guarantees a high-quality result with the convenience of online accessibility.

Experience the synergy of AI and audio expertise with our online music mastering service. It's not just about making your music louder; it's about enhancing the emotional impact of your sound.

Try our AI Online Mastering service for FREE: CLICK HERE

Instantly Enhance Your Music With Ai

Our AI mastering is dedicated to ensuring the perfect loudness levels for your tracks, balancing clarity, volume, and dynamic range to enhance the listening experience across various audio systems.

Unlimited Free Online Mastering Demo

Experience the power of AI mastering with our unlimited free online mastering demo. Upload your tracks and witness the transformation as our mastering tool takes your music to the next level with professional sound quality and clarity. Only purchase if you like the results.

Easy To Use Online Mastering Tool

Our online audio mastering software is designed to be user-friendly, providing an efficient and instant way to master your music. With just a few clicks, you can master your tracks and enjoy release-ready music with the utmost convenience.

Convenient Sound Mastering On Any Device

Our AI mastering service is mobile-ready, allowing you to master your tracks on any device without compromising sound quality. Whether you are in the studio or on the go, our mastering tool ensures consistent and professional results.

Ensuring The Perfect Loudness Levels

Our AI mastering is dedicated to ensuring the perfect loudness levels for your tracks, balancing clarity and volume to enhance the listening experience across various audio systems.

Professional Sound Quality Guarantee

We guarantee a professional sound quality that meets the highest industry standards. By combining technical expertise with AI-powered solutions, we ensure that your tracks sound as if they were mastered by a Grammy award engineer.

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AI online mastering uses artificial intelligence to automatically master audio tracks. It analyzes your music production and applies processing like EQ, compression, and limiting to enhance the audio quality.

AI mastering offers several benefits: it's more affordable, provides faster results, and maintains a high level of consistency. It's an excellent option for artists who require quick, professional-grade mastering on a budget.

Our AI technology employs advanced techniques to master songs, enhancing their sound quality, dynamics, and frequency balance. By leveraging AI algorithms, we can efficiently optimize and enhance your tracks in a fraction of the time it would take traditional mastering processes.

Our service is trusted by musicians, artists, and labels worldwide for its unparalleled ability to provide high-quality, professional sound mastering. With our automated process, your tracks are in the hands of AI engineers dedicated to delivering pristine audio mastering.

Our service stands out as one of the best out there due to its unique blend of AI efficiency with our personal, professional mastering style. Partnering with Stemmer, they were able to create an AI profile based on a reference track we mastered. You can look at our service as a hybrid between human and AI mastering.

Yes, our genre-agnostic mastering AI can adapt to various music styles, ensuring that each genre's unique qualities are respected and enhanced. Our mastering algorithm focuses more on loudness targets and frequency balance which transcends across all genres.

Our system accepts various popular audio file formats for mastering. We recommend high-quality formats like WAV or AIFF for the best results, but we also support MP3, FLAC, and others. The file should be in stereo and the sample rate and bit depth don't matter. If doing an album, we recommend uploading one song at a time. (NOTE: A file must be under 250 MB to be uploaded.)

Yes, you can listen to our free mastering preview before making a decision. This allows you to experience the quality of our AI mastering firsthand.

We use Stripe as our payment processor. They accept credit cards, Cash App, bank ACH transfer, and Stripe Link.

Once the purchase is confirmed, you will receive a link to download your professionally mastered track in your original audio format.

AI vs professional mastering: While AI mastering provides fast, consistent results and is more affordable, professional mastering involves a human touch that might better understand specific artistic nuances. Our AI mastering bridges this gap by incorporating a professional audio engineers style into its algorithm. No matter your preference, we offer both options here at Audio Sorcerer.

Our AI mastering is completely automated so we aren't able to take requests. If you are looking for something specific, please try out our professional online audio mastering services to get a perfect master.

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