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Music Production Studio

Online Mixing And Mastering

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All work is performed by Dan Spencer himself.


Audio Mixing

At Audio Sorcerer, we understand the need for top-quality audio treatment for your tracks. With over 20 years of experience, we deliver flawless audio mixing services; every time. Our services come with a promise of delivering professional mixes that bring out the best in your music.


Audio Mastering

Make your track sound the best it can with Audio Sorcerer’s audio mastering services. From optimizing loudness to frequency balancing your track - we do it all! We understand the intricacies of sound and how to elevate it to new heights. Choose Audio Sorcerer for your mastering needs!


Mixing & Mastering

This is our most popular service and overall best deal. This combines our premiere mixing and mastering services all into one. A good mixing and mastering treatment can set your music apart. At Audio Sorcerer, we deliver just that. For mixing & mastering your audio, only trust Audio Sorcerer.


Audio Editing

Make your tracks perfect with precise audio editing by seasoned professionals at Audio Sorcerer. We guarantee a flawless audio editing experience, from vocal tuning to drum replacement. Reach out to us today, and your perfect tracks will be ready in no time!



Music production, audio mixing, mastering, and editing are thorough processes that may require years to perfect—unless you have the right guidance. At Audio Sorcerer, we make the training process easier and more comprehensive with our different programs.


Music Production

If you are a music artist, singer, or songwriter without the means to record music then we can help. This service includes full music production, remote recording, and mixing/mastering. This service is offered on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to us for more info.



Hard Rock


Dan Spencer, Owner Of Audio Sorcerer LLC, Has Been Mixing And Mastering Music For Over 20 Years Now. He Has A BA In Audio Production From The Art Institute Of Washington With Several Prior Years Of Training From Local And Regional Engineers. He Is Also Well Known In The Audio Visual Integration Industry With His Design Of DSP Configurations, Fully Understanding The Importance Of Proper Gain Structure, Acoustics, And Equalization. He Has Become Known To Have The Golden Ear. He Has Also Had The Honor Of Being A Recording Academy Voting Member Casting A Ballot For The Grammy Awards In 20 Different Categories.

Through The Wonders Of The Internet, Audio Sorcerer Is Able To Offer Online Music Production, Mixing, Mastering, Editing, And Training Services To Clients All Over The World. All Work Submitted Is Completed By Dan Himself. Absolutely No Work Is Outsourced!

Perfection Is Important To Us Here At Audio Sorcerer So Unlimited Revisions Are Offered On All Mixing And Mastering Services. On Top Of Unlimited Revisions, All Projects Receive A Perk Called "Substantial Completion". After A Client Approves The Completion Of A Project It Will Then Become Substantially Complete. A Virtual Timer Then Starts In Which Free Revisions Are Allowed For Up To 2 Months. This Is A Great Perk Because Sometimes Adjustments Are Wanted Later On And This Allows For Their Corrections Free Of Charge.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Services At Very Affordable Prices. Audio Sorcerer Is A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Music Production, Mixing, Mastering, Editing, And Training Needs. Choose Audio Sorcerer And Your Music Will Thank You!

Dan Spencer, the Audio Sorcerer, sitting on a hardwood floor holding the handle on a Liberty safe.


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