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Flowkey Review: The Best Way To Learn Piano Online?

December 23, 2023 
Last Updated on December 23, 2023

Learning virtually any instrument has become a lot easier thanks to the internet. However, the brimming information often makes it harder for beginners to pick a worthwhile learning resource. As a newbie, the tricky part is finding a suitable tool for your learning style.

To ease your dilemma, we’re reviewing Flowkey, one of the fastest-growing piano learning platforms in 2024. In this Flowkey review, we’ll uncover its best features, pros and cons, pricing, and all the information to help you decide whether it’s worth spending money and time. 

Should you invest in Flowkey? Does it offer suitable materials for a novice? Is it the best way to learn piano online? Keep reading, and find out!

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Flowkey Overview

Flowkey online piano lessons promotional image.

Flowkey is a leading name in the online learning platforms for piano. Founded in 2015, it quickly became one of the most successful music education apps, coaching over five million piano learners by 2023. It boasts an extensive learning resource targeted at all levels of pianists, from beginners to pros.

Flowkey focuses on teaching users how to perform their chosen songs on the piano. So, it doesn’t have in-game features like other piano learning media. It’s a beneficial, straightforward instruction approach without unnecessary add-ons that can distract the student.

Jonas Gössling, Alexander Heesing, and Ahmed Hassan are the founders of Flowkey. They launched the app intending to make learning the classical instrument fun and effortless for anyone. It reached over one million downloads and won the Best App award for all piano learning apps in the Google Play Store.


  • Beginner-friendly and attractive user interface
  • Access to an expansive music library
  • Plenty of thoughtfully designed learning content
  • Suitable for novice, intermediate, and pros
  • Flexible pricing options for everyone

  • It doesn't teach users about composition

Flowkey’s Best Features

Flowkey is an established leader in the space of piano learning. But you’re probably thinking about what sets it apart from its competitors. So, below are some of the best features of Flowkey you should know.

Expansive Song Library

A bunch of music CDs representing Flowkey's large library of music.

The vast music list is a feature you’ll surely enjoy with Flowkey. As the app stresses learning by playing songs, it offers a wide range of selections instead of merely focusing on classical selections. So, categories like Game Music, Asian Pop, Film and TV, and Pop Hits are here, which is a fun and rewarding way to expand your skills on the piano.

The song you pick will come with a music sheet and a video showing you exactly how to play it. You’ll find that some music is of higher difficulty than your level. But Flowkey does help you by providing multiple arrangements with different difficulty levels. Thus, you can work up to the more challenging pieces as you progress.

Playing Mode

The several playing modes are another handy Flowkey tool for beginners. First, there’s a loop mode, which allows users to replay sections of the song they’re playing. If you’re a beginner, this function makes learning and remembering passages by heart easier.

On top of your screen is a cog wheel that lets you choose between “Wait Mode,” “Slow Mode,” and “Fast Mode.” There’s also a hand selection option if you want to practice with your left and right hands separately. These are brilliant additions for users experimenting with their playing speed and hand coordination.

Note Recognition Technology

Playing along with sheet music can be daunting if you’re a complete newbie. Flowkey’s note recognition, however, solves this issue. It’s a function that, using your device’s microphone, allows the app to listen to the notes as you hit them and move at your desired speed. You can use this feature by switching to the Wait Mode.

Structured Step-by-Step Courses

A piano player playing the "Moonlight Sonata - 1st Movement" in the Flowkey online piano lessons program.

For effective learning, Flowkey divides its lessons into eight organized structures. Each section focuses on a particular aspect of the piano. They contain easily digestible content explaining everything you need to learn about each topic.

The course starts with an introduction to piano. As you’d expect, it prepares the learner by discussing the basics of playing the instrument. Here, you’ll learn how to read sheet music, identify proper techniques, and play notes with both hands.

From there, you’ll go through intermediate playing, mastering chords, improvising techniques, note-reading, and playing scales. You’ll learn music theory topics like recognizing articulations, rhythms, and dynamic markings. The course also provides plenty of opportunities to test your learning. It offers interactive exercises and hands-on practices with Flowkey’s over 1500 music library featuring timeless songs from Mozart to Lady Gaga.

Flowkey Pricing Options

Flowkey has several subscription plan options to suit everyone’s budget needs. You can even get a free version with limited access immediately after creating your account. But you can only access around eight songs and some of its courses.

The premium plans come in monthly or yearly for individual and family subscriptions. A monthly individual subscription costs $19.99, while a family plan costs $29.99. On the other hand, an annual premium plan is $119.88 and $179.88 for individuals and groups, respectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Flowkey work?

The app uses an interactive approach in its lessons. After downloading the app, you simply choose a song you want to learn and follow along with the music sheet and video on the screen.

How many songs are in Flowkey?

The number of songs that come with Flowkey will depend on your subscription. If you have the free version, you get only eight songs. But if you subscribe to its premium plans, you get all 1500 pieces of music from different genres.

What are the difficulty levels in Flowkey?

You can choose among four difficulty levels in Flowkey’s library: novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro. Most of the songs will have different arrangements based on these levels. This function caters to beginners and advanced players who want to move up the learning ladder.

Do I need a piano or keyboard to use Flowkey?

Yes, you'll need an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard. Flowkey tracks your playing to provide feedback.

Can advanced pianists benefit from Flowkey?

Yes, advanced players can find value in Flowkey's extensive song library and advanced techniques tutorials.

Final Thoughts: Should You Choose Flowkey?

There are plenty of piano-learning services out there. You can opt for face-to-face piano lessons, but they can be expensive and challenging if you’re a busy learner. There are YouTube tutorials, online courses, and apps, too. However, learning alone this way can be unmotivating, especially for people with no background in music.

Flowkey offers an excellent solution to all these hitches, with bite-sized lessons that cover everything from music theory to learning chords and reading the sheet. Plus, you get all these benefits through flexible and affordable packages. It’s like a convenient music teacher in the palm of your hand and definitely worth a try!

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Piano Lessons
Flowkey Piano Lessons

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