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The Top 5 Best Guitar Amp Heads Of 2024

April 13, 2024 
best guitar amp heads
Last Updated on April 13, 2024

Are you looking to upgrade your guitar setup this year? Look no further! We've curated our list of the top 5 best guitar amp heads of 2024 to help you refine your tone. Whether you're a gigging professional or a bedroom rocker, these top picks are sure to enhance your sound and take it to new heights. Let's dive into what makes each one stand out and find the perfect amp head that'll rock your world!

Included in this guide:

Best Overall
Marshall DSL100HR 100-Watt Tube Head

Marshall DSL100HR 100-Watt Tube Head

  • Two channels: Classic Gain and Ultra Gain
  • A refined EQ section with treble, middle, and bass controls
  • A switch for high and low power modes (100W/50W)
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Orange Super Crush 100W Head

Orange Super Crush 100W Head

  • 100-watt dual channel solid state power
  • A built-in digital reverb
  • Effects loop for connecting external pedals
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Top Pick
EVH 5150III 50S 6L6 50-Watt Tube Head - Black Stealth

EVH 5150III 50S 6L6 50-Watt Tube Head - Black Stealth

  • 50 watts of tube-driven power using 6L6 tubes
  • Three foot-switchable channels: Clean, Crunch, and Lead
  • Two 3-band EQ controls for the three channels
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Top Pick
ENGL Amplifiers Fireball 25 25W Tube Head

ENGL Amplifiers Fireball 25 25W Tube Head

  • 25 watts of tube power
  • Two foot-switchable channels: Clean and Lead
  • 3-band EQ along with built-in digital reverb effect
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Lowest Price
PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 - 15/7-Watt Tube Head

PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 - 15/7-Watt Tube Head

  • Dual-wattage design (15 and 7 watts) for various headroom
  • Two foot-switchable channels: Clean and Lead
  • External bias control
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The Top 5 Best Guitar Amp Heads

The DSL100HR tube head is our top pick, designed to deliver the iconic Marshall sound. With two foot-switchable channels, you can transition from clean to crunch tones and up to high-gain distortion effortlessly.

Moreover, the EQ section (only one for both channels) helps you adjust the tone to suit your playing style. It also features present and resonance controllers, which isn’t a typical Marshall addition.

On top of that, the two power modes (high and low) allow you to switch the volume to fit live performances or home practice. On its back panel, this guitar amp head also features speaker outputs, an effects loop, an emulated out, an Aux input, a MIDI jack, and a footswitch jack.

  • It provides 100 watts of pure tube-driven amplification.
  • Its MIDI compatibility enables remote switching and control options for easy integration into more complicated setups.
  • The effects loop allows connecting external effects pedals to expand the outcome possibilities.
  • The reverb button doesn’t add much of a change.

The Orange Super Crush 100w amp head is a fantastic option designed to deliver ample volume for gigs, rehearsals, and studio sessions.

This great amp head features a dedicated “Clean channel” with controls for volume, bass, and treble. As for the “Dirty channel,” it contains knobs for treble, middle, bass, gain, and volume. You can switch between those channels manually or using a footswitch (not included).

Primarily, having little pictographs instead of words to tell the function of each knob can be a bit confusing at first. However, they’re quick to learn and won’t take you much time to get used to.

  • This guitar amp head is packed with fantastic features for its price points.
  • It includes various types of outputs to accommodate different needs, from practicing to recording and live performances.
  • Aside from its sonic features, this amp head looks super awesome.
  • It doesn’t come with a footswitch.

Designed in collaboration with the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen, the EVH 5150III 50S 6L6 50-watt tube head packs superb features. It offers a wide range of tones, suitable for various styles produced by its three switchable channels.

One of this amp head’s great features is its flexible EQ configurations. Channels one and two share a 3-band EQ, allowing for consistent tone shaping. On the other hand, channel three has its own independent 3-band EQ for additional customization options.

In addition to its tonal versatility, the EVH 5150III comes in an outstanding design made from touch birch plywood.

  • It’s a compact and powerful piece of equipment that provides outstanding dynamic details with bone-crushing volume.
  • It comes with a four-button footswitch featuring a ¼” input jack for easy channel switching.
  • It features a built-in effects loop to facilitate seamless integration of external effects pedals or other units.
  • It can be a bit too expensive for budget-conscious users.

The Fireball 25 is part of ENGL’s Fireball series famous for versatile tone capabilities suitable for different genres. Despite having low wattage, it delivers ample power for rehearsals, recording sessions, and smaller venues.

Primarily, the dual-channel design allows for a seamless transition between clean and high-gain tones. While the two channels share an EQ section, the Lead channel still has its own volume controller. Plus, each channel has a separate gain controller.

Another standout button on the Fireball 25 is the mid boost switch. As the name suggests, this button boosts the mids, which can be fantastic when playing solos.

  • It consists of a combination of 6L6 tubes and 12AX7 tubes, delivering a unique crunch with great details.
  • The equipment features two footswitch jacks, an FX loop, a line out, and speaker outs.
  • The inclusion of a noise gate helps tame ultra-high-gain sounds to ensure a clean signal all the time.
  • No major drawbacks to mention.

The PRS MT14 is a remarkable guitar amp head with an affordable price tag. It features a dual-channel design with two fully independent EQ controls containing a separate volume controller for the Clean channel.

On the back panel of the amp head, there’s an effects loop, a half/full power switch, and an external bias jack control.

Overall, with all the features it offers, this amp head is the perfect choice for guitarists seeking a professional-level performance in a conveniently priced package.

  • It’s the perfect middle-ground amp head that offers a wide range of tones to cover spaces from a home bedroom to small venues.
  • It’s compact and portable, which is convenient compared to its powerful performance capabilities.
  • It comes with a single-button footswitch for easy channel switching.
  • The Clean channel not having its own volume controller can be inconvenient for some users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a guitar amp head?

A guitar amp head is the control center of a guitar amplifier system, containing the electronic circuitry for pre-amplification, amplification, tone control, and often effects. It needs to be connected to a speaker cabinet to produce sound.

Why choose an amp head over a combo amp?

Amp heads are ideal for musicians who need flexibility in volume and sound. They allow you to mix and match with different speaker cabinets to customize your tone and projection. This makes them a versatile choice for different venues and styles.

How do I connect an amp head to a speaker cabinet?

To connect an amp head to a speaker cabinet, use a speaker cable to link the amp head's output to the cabinet's input. Make sure the cable is properly rated for speaker use and that the impedance of the head and cabinet match to avoid damage.

Can amp heads produce sound without a cabinet?

No, an amp head requires a speaker cabinet to produce sound. However, some amp head models come with a built-in speaker, such as the Boss Katana Head MkII.

Are guitar amp heads easy to maintain?

Tube amp heads may require occasional tube replacement and bias adjustments. As for solid-state amp heads, they require less care but might still need cleaning from time to time.

Product Recap

So, there you have it, our recommendations for the best guitar amp heads with the Marshall DSL100HR in the lead. Following it is the Orange Super Crush 100W head that delivers dynamic performance and powerful sound. As for our affordable pick, the PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 is the go-to choice.

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