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Arrowzoom Studio Foam: Recording Space Treatment On A Budget

February 11, 2024 
Last Updated on February 11, 2024

Arrowzoom provides affordable and diverse acoustic foam panels and adhesives for studio sound improvement.

Key Insights

  • Arrowzoom offers the largest color and size selection for foam panels, ensuring customers can find exactly what they want.
  • Arrowzoom also has a large selection of acoustic treatments, including isolation boxes for vocals and hexagon panels for aesthetics.
  • Arrowzoom has some of the most affordable studio foam on the market all without sacrificing quality.
  • The Studio foam comes vacuum-sealed and can take 1-2 days before it is fully expanded.
  • The foam is fire-retardant so that in the chance of a fire, it will stop it from spreading protecting your valuable equipment.
  • Using different types of foam to create a customized acoustic setup for your studio can make a big difference in sound quality.

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  • 00:00 Arrowzoom provides affordable acoustic foam panels for studio sound improvement, including sticky adhesives for mounting.
  • 01:26 Let foam panels expand, then strategically place them in the studio to improve reverberation.
  • 02:28 I chose pyramid style foam to absorb sound in the studio, also using them in a square pattern and on the doors, and creating two diamonds on the left wall.
  • 04:37 Acoustic foam panels reduce reverberation for better vocal recording, not for soundproofing.
  • 06:34 Acoustic foam panels make a difference in sound quality and create a more pleasant recording environment, especially for low frequencies.
  • 07:59 Arrowzoom product line overview.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is studio foam?

Studio foam is a type of acoustic treatment made from polyurethane or melamine foam designed to absorb unwanted sounds and reduce reverberation in recording studios, home theaters, and other spaces where sound quality is crucial.

How does studio foam differ from regular foam?

Studio foam is specifically engineered for acoustic applications, with higher density and more effective sound absorption properties compared to regular foam. It often features specialized shapes, such as wedges or pyramids, to maximize sound absorption.

Where should I place studio foam for the best results?

The placement of studio foam depends on the specific acoustics of the room and the source of sound. Generally, it should be placed at reflection points on walls, ceilings, and sometimes floors, as well as around the listening or recording area to optimize sound quality.

How much studio foam do I need?

The amount of studio foam needed varies based on the size of the room and its acoustical properties. A common guideline is to cover 20-30% of the room's surfaces, but this can vary. It's best to start with key areas and adjust based on listening tests.

Is it easy to install studio foam?

Yes, studio foam can be relatively easy to install using adhesive strips, spray adhesive, or mounting hooks, depending on the type of foam and the surface it is being attached to. However, careful planning of the layout is important for optimal results.

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