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Top 5 Best Drummer Headphones For Every Budget (2024)

June 19, 2023 
Last Updated on January 8, 2024

All headphones look the same on the outside, but different uses call for different considerations. Choosing a pair of headphones for the gym isn’t the same as choosing a pair for your drumming sessions.

A drummer’s headphones should be noise-isolating and comfortable, otherwise, you won’t be able to wear them for long hours. On top of that, they should muffle all background noises to allow you to hear your own mix.

With these considerations in mind, we compiled the 5 best drummer headphones in 2024, along with their stand-out features, pros, and cons.

1. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

Top Pick
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Interested in getting these headphones? Click the link below.

Ever since their launch in 1985, the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros has taken the musicians' community by storm. These studio classics are relatively affordable, they deliver the cleanest sound representation, and their closed-back design offers some decent isolation. Needless to say, it’s easy to see why drummers are in love with them.

These headphones are ideal for drummers thanks to their over-the-ear comfortable design and unrivaled acoustic definition. They offer a flat frequency response, accounting for fewer inaccuracies and better-sounding bass. On top of that, their closed-back design offers some isolation, which is essential for drummers.

Moving on to the design, The DT770 Pros are sleek and minimalistic. They pack a pair of soft Velour ear pads that won’t bother you if you wear them for a long time. Additionally, the single-sided cable allows you to put the headphones on and remove them without getting cables in your face.

For their fair price point, we’d say these headphones are perfect for professionals. They’re a common choice for recording studios due to their reliability.


  • Driver: 45 mm
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz – 30kHz
  • Noise Protection: 35 dBA 
  • Weight: 0.59 lbs
  • Fair price point
  • Impressive sound quality and acoustic definition
  • Ideal for live performances
  • Noise isolation could be better

2. Sony MDR7506

Top Pick
Sony MDR7506

Interested in getting these headphones? Click the link below.

The Sony MDR7506s are the kind of headphones any drummer would love to see in their tool kit. They're affordable, noise-isolating, and built to last. But more than that, their sound quality is unrivaled when you put them side by side with their price point. We wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the top headphone manufacturers around the globe.

The MDR7506s deliver a perceptually neutral sound with accurate bass, making them a good fit for drummers. They come with solid noise cancellation which prevents unwanted sounds from bleeding into your ears while recording. Compared to the more expensive DT770 Pros, the isolation on these wins by a long shot.

Aside from isolation, the Sony MDR7506s are perfect for drummers because they're comfortable to wear for long periods. They sport a wide headband, accounting for even weight distribution. Additionally, the ear cups are replaceable in case they aren't the right fit for you.

Lastly, the headphones are ideal for frequent travelers because they’re compact and foldable. If you record in different cities or states, you won’t find it hard to pack the MDR7506s into your go-bag.

To sum it up, these Sony headphones have the best price point you can find with similar sound quality. They sound like they should cost more, which is a nice thought to have about any audio device.


  • Drivers: 40 mm
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Noise Protection: 20 dB 
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs
  • Comfortable to wear for long recording sessions
  • Foldable design for easy packing
  • Highly accurate sound output
  • Some users reported that the earpad cover flakes off after a while

3. Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones V2

Top Pick
Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones V2

Interested in getting these headphones? Click the link below.

If you’re buying a new pair of headphones because your last one wasn’t gentle on your hearing sense, it’d be wise to consider the Vic Firth isolation headphones. They’re as protective and isolative as any drumming headphones can get.

The Vic Firths provide the protection level every drummer is looking for, and its recently-upgraded version has heavier lows, purer sound, and cleaner mids. They produce an accurate sound output, and their isolation is second to none thanks to the Tight Seal that keeps the sound out.

The Vic Firths also cancel most of the acoustic drum noise that you usually fight hard to ignore, offering you an overall better drumming experience.

The headphones are built to last, with a padded headband that won’t flake off after a couple of uses. However, nothing comes empty of downsides.

The chunky, tight design of the Vic Firth headphones is the reason some drummers prefer the Sony MDR7506. They may prove heavy if you wear them long enough, and although the tight headband results in better isolation, it can cause some headaches. Though it’s worth noting that the design won’t bother you if you don’t usually have long practice sessions.

To wrap it up, The Vic Firth Stereo headphones stand at a fair price point while delivering high quality and impressive protection. You can hardly go wrong with such a product.


  • Driver: 50 mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
  • Noise Protection: 20 dB
  • Weight: Approximately 0.79 lbs
  • Highly protective, ideal for loud playing sessions
  • The design is highly durable and built to last
  • Decent sound quality considering the cost
  • The short cord may bother you while playing

4. Roland RH-300V V-Drums Stereo Headphones

Top Pick
Roland RH-300V

Interested in getting these headphones? Click the link below.

We doubt any drummer is a stranger to Roland’s products. The Japanese company is synonymous with high-rated audio devices, and the RH-300V headphones are no exception. They’re made especially for the electronic V-Drum kit by Roland, but you can use them with drums from different brands. 

You can also use them with traditional drums, but we don’t recommend it. The sound may be too punchy for your liking, and low-end frequencies will attack and decay quickly.

Anyway, the RH-300Vs come with the standard features you usually see in high-end models, including high sensitivity and solid isolation. Their full-range sound makes them ideal for electronic drums, and their ohm rating eliminates the need for an amplifier.

Although the headphones don’t use isolation technology, their design makes up for it. They feature thick padding that keeps unwanted noise from bleeding inside, and the over-ear design is tight over your ears. If you don’t usually play in very loud environments, the isolation will probably be enough.

Aside from the technical features, the RH-300Vs are highly durable. They don aluminum sides, which are scratch-resistant and solid enough to handle some falls. Additionally, they're very comfortable, thanks to the soft cushioning on the inside. They are more suitable for long sessions than the Vic Firth.

All in all, the Rh-300Vs are some of the best headphones on the market in terms of isolation and sound quality. If not for their high price, they would be a staple in every drummer’s tool kit.


  • Driver Size: 50 mm
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 22,000 Hz
  • Weight: 0.63 lbs
  • Solid sound isolation that works both ways
  • Highly durable design
  • Full-range sound is ideal for electronic drummers
  • On the expensive side of the market for being niche

5. KAT Percussion KTUI26 Ultra Isolation Headphones

Top Pick
KAT Percussion KTUI26

Interested in getting these headphones? Click the link below.

Nothing says drumming headphones better than the KAT KTUI26s. They’re comfortable, isolative, and best of all, they come with a competitive price tag.

When it comes to external noise reduction, it’s pretty hard to compete with the KTUI26s. They have a solid 26-dB reduction, making them ideal for long recording sessions. They'll eliminate most of the acoustic drums and leave you with a clear, bold sound.

However, the sound quality of the KTUI26 is their biggest flaw. The bass reproduction could use some improvement, and the sound doesn’t have a perfect tonal quality.

Aside from that, the headphones are fairly comfortable. They’re not the best option for long sessions because the headband is tight, but they’re good enough for regular sessions. The ear cushions are padded and soft on your ears, so you won’t go home with ear fatigue.

There’s little to complain about with these headphones, considering their fairly affordable price that’s lower than all the other options on this list. If you’re a beginner and don’t mind the sound downsides, we’d say the KTUI26 is quite the bargain.


  • Drivers: 40 mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Noise Protection: 26 dB
  • Weight: 0.675 lbs
  • Strong noise reduction for recording sessions
  • Thickly padded ear cups to prevent ear fatigue
  • Competitive price tag considering the quality
  • The bass reproduction isn’t the best

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a pair of well-rounded headphones for your drumming sessions, any of the previously-listed ones will do. The DT770 Pro is basically musical royalty, and the Sony MDR7506 offers the best value for money.

The Vic Firth’s protection is unrivaled, and the KAT KTUI26 reduces external noise better than any other.

Lastly, the Roland RH-300V is the obvious choice if you use electronic drums and don’t mind the high price.

"Some of the links within this article are affiliate links. These links are from various companies such as Amazon. This means if you click on any of these links and purchase the item or service, I will receive an affiliate commission. This is at no cost to you and the money gets invested back into Audio Sorcerer LLC."

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