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Boost Collective Review: Helping Music Artists Rise To Fame

June 5, 2023 

With billions of active listeners streaming songs on different platforms, music distribution has become an important pathway to success as a modern musician.

If you’re an emerging artist trying to get your tracks out into the world, a high-value music distributor can help you every step of the way—by releasing your songs on major platforms, collecting revenues from your royalties, and expanding your fan base through promotion.

These essential services can come at a hefty cost with some distributors. Fortunately, there are other platforms, such as Boost Collective, that help music artists by providing distribution services and tools for free!

In this Boost Collective review, we’ll explore how this platform can upgrade your music, connect you to the right audience, and boost your growth and exposure for the long haul.

What Is Boost Collective?

Logo of Boost Collective, a music distribution and promotion company.

Boost Collective is a Canada-based music distribution company that provides label-level promotional campaigns, artist-friendly record deals, and global distribution services to music artists of all genres.

The company aims to help musicians reach their maximum potential by enabling distribution to over a hundred streaming services, offering unlimited releases, and providing a platform with high-quality built-in music tools, free of charge!

Boost Collective Music Promotion

Whether you’re a solo artist or part of a band, Boost Collective lets you make your mark in the music industry through fast, easy, and worry-free music campaigns that are 100% organic.

These promotional campaigns deliver your tracks into the playlists and ears of global listeners who appreciate your craft. They’ll help you achieve real exposure and success on Spotify and many other platforms, by providing big results in terms of streams, listeners, and followers.

Boost Collective’s promotional campaigns offer the following:

  • Your tracks added to targeted playlists within a span of 24 to 48 hours
  • Relevant playlists for your genre for maximum engagement with active listeners
  • Access to a contact list with over 3,000 playlist curators
  • Royalty-eligible Spotify streams
  • Growth opportunities through editorial placements and DSP pitching
  • High-quality and reliable email support
  • Tracking feature to view which playlists you’ve entered
  • Long-term organic growth, minus the fake or bot streams

As an incentive, Boost Collective sends a full-sized custom RIAA-style plaque to artists whose songs hit 250,000 Spotify streams—a great way to celebrate a big achievement!

Music Promotion Campaign Plans And Pricing

After selecting your song and artist name on an easy-to-use campaign builder, you’ll be able to choose your campaign size and pick the promotion package that suits your needs best.

Here’s a list of Boost Collective’s promotional campaigns at their regular prices:

  • Base: 10 playlist placements and an estimated 1,500–10,000 streams for $240
  • Gold: 15 playlist placements and an estimated 3,000–25,000 streams for $360
  • Platinum: 20+ playlist placements and an estimated 6,000–50,000 streams for $560
  • Diamond: 30+ playlist placements and an estimated 15,000–100,000 streams for $1,000

Currently, the platform is offering all its campaigns at 50% off, so act fast if you want to promote your music at half the prices mentioned above! There’s also a 20% discount when you opt to promote more than three tracks at once.

If the platform is unable to add you to its guaranteed number of playlists within ten business days of your purchase, you’ll get to choose between a full refund and an alternative complementary campaign.

Boost Collective Free Music Distribution

Closeup of a hand holding a phone with the words "music streaming" on it.

In addition to promoting music, Boost Collective also serves as a music distribution platform that distributes your work to over 150 service providers worldwide—for free! 

Enjoy unlimited releases on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, iTunes, and other major streaming platforms in the industry.

Here are some features that Boost Collective Distribution offers music artists at no charge:

  • Label-level promotion and exposure opportunities
  • Functional dashboard to release music and manage existing releases
  • Pitching to editorials and entry to international playlists
  • 100% ownership of your music
  • Daily analytics and full reporting for all streams and sales
  • Transparent royalty tracking and split royalty payments
  • Access to a support team

Unleash the full potential of your music for free, with advanced tools from Boost Collective’s Armory:

  • Music video maker to create eye-catching video visualizers for your tracks
  • Cover art maker with professional and high-resolution templates
  • Spotify canvas maker for ready-to-upload customized canvas videos
  • Banner art maker to unify branding and boost promotion efforts on social media
  • Promo card maker to create customized and shareable graphics for new releases
  • Built-in music mastering to polish and perfect your tracks before their release

To access these great features and music tools, all you have to do is sign up!

Boost Collective Record Deals

But wait, there’s more! With Boost Collective, you can build a customized, transparent, and artist-friendly record deal for existing and unreleased songs. It’s as easy as choosing the songs you want to get signed, picking a music promotion budget, and enjoying effortless exposure!

For record deals, Boost Collective matches your music promotion budget 1:1 and ensures that your song gets heard in all the right places. Within 24–48 hours, your track will enter playlists and get pitched to editorials, PR, music blogs, and playlist curators for long-term organic growth.

You’ll also be able to track and manage your song-based deal and view earnings and in-depth analytics on one Boost Collective dashboard!

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll be able to maintain artist independence, creative control, and 100% ownership of your music while under a deal. View a template of Boost Collective’s record deal agreement here.

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Final Thoughts

In today’s age of digital music, distribution is no longer an option, but a necessity for most up-and-coming artists. Finding the right music distributor can be a long and time-consuming process, but it’ll definitely increase your chances of success in the music industry. 

In this Boost Collective review, we’ve outlined the platform’s key features and benefits, including organic playlist promotion, unlimited releases to over 150 platforms, royalty tracking, artist support, and advanced tools from The Armory. With Boost Collective, music artists are one click away from getting released, streamed, and playlisted worldwide. Sign up for a free account today!

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