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M-Audio M-Track Duo Review

October 15, 2023 
Last Updated on October 23, 2023

The M-Audio M-Track Duo is a versatile and portable audio interface that covers all your recording needs. Whether you're podcasting, recording vocals, or live streaming, this USB interface delivers pristine audio quality with its 48 kHz audio resolution. It is compatible with both Mac and PC.

The M-Track Duo features two combo XLR/Line/Instrument inputs with phantom power, allowing you to record guitar, vocals, or line input signals. The transparent Crystal Preamps ensure optimal sound from any microphone you plug into them. It also comes with a 1/4 headphone output and stereo 1/4 outputs for flexible monitoring options.

One of the standout features of this interface is the zero latency monitoring provided by the USB/Direct switch. You can easily toggle between monitoring through your computer or directly through the interface without any latency issues.

The M-Track Duo also includes MPC Beats Software from Akai Professional, giving you a power tool to help aid in your music production workflow.

Quick Verdict

The M-Audio M-Track Duo is a budget-friendly USB audio interface that delivers high-quality results for music recording, podcasting, and streaming. It offers transparent preamps, zero latency monitoring, and compatibility with both Mac and PC. The included MPC Beats Software enhances your production capabilities. While the preamp gain and customer support could be improved, this interface is a solid choice for those looking for a portable and feature-packed option.

Audio Interface
M-Audio M-Track Duo

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Unboxing - What's Inside?

Inside the box, you will find the following items:

  • M-Track Duo audio interface unit
  • USB B to USB A cable for connectivity
  • Software download cards
  • User guide
  • Safety and warranty manual


Here are the key specifications of the M-Audio M-Track Duo USB Audio Interface:

  • Brand: M-Audio
  • Hardware Interface: USB
  • Number of Channels: 2 inputs, 2 outputs, 1 headphone
  • Compatible Devices: PC/Mac Computer
  • Supported Software: Any DAW/MPC Beats
  • Date First Available: December 23, 2020
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Dimensions: 4.34 x 7.5 x 2.13 inches
  • Item Weight: 12.7 ounces


The user guide provided with the M-Audio M-Track Duo USB Audio Interface is incredibly helpful. It provides clear instructions on how to set up and use the audio interface, ensuring that you will be able to get started recording, streaming, and podcasting in no time. If you're interested in learning more, you can find the user guide here.

Features - What We Found

1. Pristine Recording Quality

The M-Audio M-Track Duo USB audio interface ensures high-quality recordings with its 48 kHz audio resolution. No matter the application, this portable audio interface delivers crystal-clear audio every time. You can expect professional-grade recordings that capture every detail.

Pro-tip: To further enhance vocal recording quality, consider using a pop filter to reduce plosive sounds and a shock mount to minimize vibrations and handling noise.

2. Versatile Inputs for Any Musical Source

With dual XLR, Line, and DI inputs, the M-Track Duo provides versatility to connect guitars, microphones, and other line input signals. The combo XLR/Line/Instrument Inputs are ideal for recording vocals and instruments like guitars or keyboards. The inclusion of phantom power also allows you to use condenser microphones, which require external power.

3. Hassle-Free Monitoring

Monitoring your recordings is made easy with the M-Track Duo. It features a 1/4 headphone output and stereo 1/4 outputs, allowing you to connect headphones or speakers for real-time monitoring. Additionally, the USB/Direct switch ensures zero-latency monitoring, enabling you to listen to your audio without any delay, which is particularly important for vocal recordings and live streaming.

4. Transparent Crystal Preamps

The M-Track Duo is equipped with transparent Crystal Preamps that ensure quality sound capture from your microphones. These preamps provide a clean and transparent signal path, maintaining the natural character of your voice or instruments.

5. MPC Beats Software Included

The M-Audio M-Track Duo comes with MPC Beats Software from Akai Professional. This software offers a range of features such as sample editing, virtual instruments, drum kits, and effects, allowing you to create professional-sounding productions without limitations.

Pros And Cons


  • The M-Track Duo is compatible with both Mac and PC, making it versatile and accessible for all users.
  • The two combo XLR/Line/Instrument inputs with phantom power provide flexibility for recording various audio sources.
  • The transparent Crystal Preamps ensure optimal sound quality from all your microphones.
  • The USB/Direct switch allows for zero latency monitoring, making it easy to monitor your recordings in real-time.
  • The included MPC Beats Software offers essential production tools for recording, editing, and mixing.

  • The clipping adjustment is limited, making it tricky to find the right balance between different input sources.
  • The microphone preamps aren't very hot so they need to be cranked up for optimal signal level.
  • M-Audio doesn't provide the best customer support.

Alternatives To Go For

If you're considering the M-Audio M-Track Duo USB Audio Interface, allow me to introduce a few alternative products that might pique your interest:

  1. M-Audio AIR 192x4 USB C Audio Interface: If you're looking for a similar product with studio-quality sound and a single XLR input, the AIR 192x4 is worth considering. It offers a sleek design, compatibility with both Mac and PC, and comes with music production software. You can find it on Amazon.
  2. Behringer U-Phoria UM2 USB Audio Interface: For those on a tighter budget, the U-Phoria UM2 is a great alternative. It features a single XLR input, simple plug-and-play setup, and is compatible with popular recording software. You can find it on Amazon.
  3. Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4th Gen USB Audio Interface: If you're a guitarist, vocalist, podcaster, or producer, the Scarlett Solo is an excellent choice. With high-fidelity recording capabilities and all the necessary software included, this interface offers great value for money. You can find it on Amazon.

These alternatives provide a variety of options to suit different needs and budgets. No matter where you are in your audio journey, each of these interfaces will provide you reliable performance and solid features.

Final Thoughts

Concluding our review, the M-Audio M-Track Duo emerges as a highly recommended audio interface, especially for beginners delving into digital music production or podcasting. Its blend of affordability, ease of use, and impressive sound quality—characterized by clean preamps and minimal latency—defies its budget-friendly nature.

While it has certain limitations in terms of advanced professional features, the M-Track Duo compensates by providing robust build quality and valuable software, making it an attractive, comprehensive package.

Ideal for musicians, aspiring podcasters, or novice producers, it's a testament to M-Audio's ability to offer quality and functionality in a compact, affordable format, proving that entering the realm of digital recording can be both economically and operationally accessible.

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