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Neumann NDH 30 Review: Top Headphone For Pro Audio?

November 26, 2023 
Last Updated on November 26, 2023

The quest for the perfect pair of headphones can be daunting, but it seems like the Neumann NDH 30's might just be the solution you're looking for - especially if you're into professional mixing, mastering, or high-definition music listening.

Featuring an open-back design for outstanding detail and high-precision stereo imaging, the NDH 30's provide razor-sharp localization and a linear soundstage. Ideal for demanding applications such as mixing and mastering, these headphones deliver superior transient response.

The NDH 30's offer more than just top-notch sound quality. Designed for excellent long-term wearing comfort, these headphones are foldable and easy to transport. And with an internally balanced, detachable cable, you can enjoy flexible usage options.

Bottom Line

If you're serious about the quality of your audio experience and require professional-grade headphones, the Neumann NDH 30 is undeniably worth considering.

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Neumann NDH 30 Dynamic Open-Back Headphone Review

Top Pick
Neumann NDH 30 Headphones

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When it comes to professional audio equipment, Neumann is a trusted name. Unsurprisingly, their NDH 30 headphones don't disappoint. Designed for mixing, mastering, and high-definition music listening, these open-back headphones offer outstanding linearity and transient response, ensuring you get the clear and accurate sound you need.

Their high spatial resolution sets them apart, offering compatibility with Neumann's KH Line speakers. This means you can expect a consistent sound across different monitoring systems. These headphones are also foldable—perfect for transporting without hassle.

The NDH 30 headphones are praised for their long-term wearing comfort, making them ideal for extended studio sessions. Another highlight is the detachable, internally balanced cable that helps improve sound quality even further.

Users of the NDH 30's consistently compliment the bass response, stating it's tight, pronounced, and impressive for open-back headphones. While some mention the initial price being a bit steep, most believe it's worthwhile, given the performance and quality.

Linearity And Transient Response

The Neumann NDH 30 headphones have received praise for their exceptional linearity and transient response. As a potential buyer, you'll appreciate how essential these features are in professional settings such as mixing and mastering.

The NDH 30's deliver accurate audio reproduction, providing a neutral sound for making critical decisions during your work. The transient response of these headphones is another vital characteristic. This means the NDH 30's handle fast audio changes and sharp attacks effectively, ensuring a precise listening experience.

High Spatial Resolution

As an audiophile, you'll appreciate the Neumann NDH 30's high spatial resolution. This feature sets these headphones apart, providing a clearer, more detailed listening experience. No matter your listening application, the precise sound rendering allows you to hear each nuance with remarkable accuracy.

The wired connectivity and over-ear form factor contribute to the high-quality sound reproduction, ensuring minimal signal loss and comfortable wear for extended periods. Plus, the stylish nickel color and sleek design make the Neumann NDH 30 Black Edition a visually appealing choice.

Keep in mind that the high spatial resolution may also reveal flaws in lower-quality recordings or audio files. This sensitivity might not be suitable for everyday casual listening, but it's perfect for those seeking professional-grade audio clarity.

Mixing And Mastering

The Neumann NDH 30's truly shine when it comes to mixing and mastering. Thanks to their accurate sound reproduction, you know that you're going to create a mix that translates across different playback devices. Also, the fact that you can seamless go from working in these headphones to the Neumann KH studio monitors is game-changing.

After sound-quality, comfort is the next important factor when it comes to choosing headphones for long mixing and mastering sessions. Though a bit heavy, the NDH 30's fit perfectly over the ears and sometimes you forget you are wearing them.

Pros And Cons


  • Outstanding linearity and transient response
  • Accurate audio reproduction
  • Seamless integration with the Neumann KH speaker line
  • Very comfortable for long mixing or mastering sessions
  • Foldable design makes transportation a breeze

  • Hefty price tag
  • Flat sound may deter average listeners
  • Some users have reported a muffled sound that improves overtime.

Our Opinion

As a studio that specializes in mixing and mastering, we are a big fan of these headphones. They provide accurate sound reproduction and a high-quality listening experience, that is noticeable to listeners of all backgrounds.

They have a tight bass-response that doesn't over-accentuate the low end and the high-frequency content isn't too bright. They are comfortable and easily portable for when you are on the go.

Recommendation: If you feel that these headphones aren't flat enough for mixing and mastering, then you can always have Sonarworks create a profile for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the frequency response of the Neumann NDH 30 headphones?

The Neumann NDH 30 headphones have a frequency response ranging from 12 Hz to 34 kHz. This wide range indicates that these headphones can reproduce a broad spectrum of audio frequencies, from very low (bass) to very high (treble) tones, making them suitable for professional audio work where detail and accuracy in sound reproduction are crucial.

What is the impedance and sensitivity of these headphones?

The Neumann NDH 30 headphones have an impedance of 120Ω and a sensitivity of 104 dB SPL at 1 kHz/1V RMS.

What's unique about the Neumann NDH 30 black edition?

The Neumann NDH 30 Black Edition is a special version of the regular NDH 30 headphones. They differ aesthetically, as the Black Edition has a black color scheme. Both versions share the same technical features and sound performance.

Can the Neumann NDH 30 cable be replaced or upgraded?

Yes, the Neumann NDH 30 headphones come with a detachable, internally balanced cable. This feature allows users to replace or upgrade the cable according to their preference or needs. This adds flexibility and helps extend the lifespan of the headphones.

How do the NDH 30 headphones compare to the NDH 20 model?

Compared to the NDH 20, the NDH 30 has a wider frequency response (12 Hz to 34 kHz vs. 5 Hz to 30 kHz), lower impedance (120Ω vs. 150Ω), and lower sensitivity (104 dB SPL vs. 114 dB SPL).

Product Recap

  • Superb linearity and transient response
  • High spatial resolution
  • Compatible with Neumann KH monitors
  • Long-term wearing comfort
  • Foldable and easy to transport
  • Detachable, internally balanced cable

Throughout this Neumann NDH 30 review, you've learned that these headphones offer an impressive audio experience for those looking to invest in professional mixing and mastering gear. These open-back headphones stand out with their tight, pronounced bass, which is often praised by users. The sound clarity has been described as second to none.

Despite the slightly higher price tag, these headphones have received numerous positive reviews for their overall sound and build quality. If you're willing to invest in a reliable pair of headphones for professional audio work, the Neumann NDH 30's could be a solid choice.

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