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Top 5 Noise Gate Plugins

December 1, 2022 

A noise gate is a must-have VST plugin for every recording studio. And the better one you use, the better results you get.

And finding a high-quality noise gate VST might not be that easy because there are hundreds of premium or free gate plugins.

But don’t be afraid because in this post you will find some of the top noise gate VST plugins that offer great quality and features to make your mixes sound much better and professional.

1. FabFilter Pro-G

FabFilter Pro-G noise gate audio plugin.

FabFilter Pro-G is an amazing gate plugin for any project and you can use it on every instrument or vocals. Comes with great features, and a very easy and modern interface, and you get superb results with this VST plugin.

If you have used any other FabFilter plugins then the interface will be very familiar to you. It has nice visuals to see what’s going on with the sound, you can control ratio, range, threshold, and all the necessary options. And has a superb side chain option which makes it one of the best noise gate plugins.


  • Side chain option
  • Six algorithms
  • Look-ahead option
  • Low CPU usage
Top Pick
FabFilter Pro-G

2. SSL X-Gate

SSL X-Gate noise gate audio plugin.

SSL X-Gate is another amazing plugin with an awesome interface and analog-like aesthetics. It has a really intuitive interface with a big screen for audio signal and knee and all the knobs and controls for different options such as an attack, ratio, release, hold, and so on.

Also, it’s a very clean-sounding plugin that will add no digital artifacts to the sound and is very easy to use. X-Gate VST plugin can be used on any sound but it shines with drums and vocals.


  • Duck mode
  • Mid/side gating
  • Look-ahead option
Top Pick
SSL X-Gate

3. Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate

Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate audio plugin.

Oxford Drum Gate looks like a simple plugin but in reality, it’s a very powerful one and perhaps the best noise gate for drums. A very precise and transparent drum gate plugin for any type of drum sound with awesome features.

You can reduce snare drum ghost notes or cross-stick hits easily, add decay to toms, has a leveler option that acts like a compressor to make sound consistent, and also you can add drum samples easily with this plugin.


  • Retains consistency with leveler option
  • You can create custom drum profiles
  • Real-time MIDI output
Top Pick
Sonnox Oxford Drum Gate

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4. SSi Pro Analogue Gate

SSi Pro Analogue Gate audio plugin.

SSi Pro gate plugin by minimal System Group is one of the best noise gate plugins with simple controls but powerful results. It’s a great plugin for those who love vintage gear because it looks like an analog gate and also sounds very analog-like.

The interface of the plugin is very simple with a VU meter and a couple of controls for gain, attack, release, range, and threshold. And this simplicity makes your job much easier and not overwhelming. A very affordable plugin that is perfect for home studios.


  • VU meter
  • Presets
  • Low CPU usage
Top Pick
SSi Pro Analogue Gate

5. DD Gate

DD Gate audio plugin.

And if you want to have a free gate plugin then you should try DD Gate from Dead Duck Software. It’s a simple and completely free gate plugin with really good sound and features. Works with any sound source and you can easily remove unwanted noise and mic bleeds from the sound.

It offers every control you need to tweak your gate controls and has a sidechain feature. It’s a free, lightweight, and powerful plugin for those who want to have an additional tool in their arsenal.


  • Side chain option
  • Lightweight
  • Free
Top Pick
Dead Duck Gate

Final Thoughts

Gate plugins are essential tools for mixing and mastering like EQ or compressor plugins and having a good one is very important. All the plugins listed here offer amazing features and sound quality that will allow you to create better and more professional mixes very easily.

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