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The Top 5 Best Recording Studio Desks for All Budgets (2024)

June 2, 2023 
Last Updated on January 8, 2024

To create chart-topping music and deliver high-quality sound, most producers and musicians don’t think twice about getting the latest and best microphones, speakers, controllers, and other music production equipment for the studio.

However, one crucial component of the workstation often gets forgotten: the studio desk! Whether you’re mixing, streaming, recording, video editing, or working from home, the type of desk you use significantly impacts the quality of your output.

Ideally, your desk should match the size and aesthetics of your space, promote an efficient workflow, and have all your music production essentials within easy reach. It should also be ergonomically designed, allowing you to work long hours comfortably.

We’ve put together five of the best recording studio desks with varying features, designs, and price tags to help you upgrade your creative space and achieve incredible results. 

1. On-Stage WS7500 Series Wood Studio Workstation

Top Pick
On-Stage WS7500

Interested in getting this desk? Click the link below.

If you’re looking for a sleek, sturdy, and compact desk for your studio, On-Stage’s WS7500 Workstation is an option that won’t break the bank. Its heavy-duty steel Z-frame can support up to 175 pounds, providing a stable foundation for your delicate studio equipment.

When it comes to looks and comfort, the WS7500 doesn’t disappoint, either! Choose between a classic black or sophisticated rosewood finish that’ll complement your workspace. Plus, this desk is ergonomically structured for optimal comfort and efficiency while working long hours.

Did you know that the WS7500 has three spacious and functional shelves? The main desk houses your essential audio production gear, things like a mixer, MIDI controller, and laptop.

As for your studio monitors and other displays, they’ll fit perfectly on the upper shelf. There’s also a shelf that smoothly glides out, providing plenty of space for your mouse, keyboard, or micro-MIDI controller. Underneath the desk, there’s lots of legroom for you.

Expansion And Accessory Options

One of the best features of this workstation is its expandability. If you’re working from your bedroom, home office, or a small area, its compact footprint easily fits in a corner. But, if you want to expand your setup to hold more equipment, this desk grows with you!

How? By adding some compatible attachments, such as the WSC7500 Corner Attachment, the WSA7500 Rack Mount, or the WSR7500 Rack Cabinet. Because of their modular design, there are endless ways to lay out these pieces, depending on your needs and available floor space.

2. Armocity 47'' Music Studio Desk

Top Pick
Armocity Music Studio Desk

Interested in getting this desk? Click the link below.

This extra spacious studio desk from Armocity is another workflow-enhancing product that’s worth considering. Armocity is known for its line of affordable, high-quality, and environmentally friendly furniture—and this highly-rated desk is no exception!

At first glance, you’ll notice its glossy and attractive tabletop surface, which comes in four colors: rustic brown, black, white, and gray oak. Enjoy a large working area, with a raised stand that fits two monitors. The stand is positioned at eye level, to save you from eye strain and neck pain.

This desk also features a pull-out tray for your keyboard and other production equipment. Aside from being a music production desk, its 47-inch space makes it an ideal study area or even a DJ table. There’s enough space for you to sit and work for long periods without cramping.

Power Outlets And Other Features

The Armocity Music Studio Desk has one feature that you’ll rarely see in other desks: built-in power outlets! That’s right, this desk provides you with two outlet plugs and three USB ports so you’ll never have to worry about powering your monitor, laptop, controllers, and studio gear.

To keep your workspace clean and tidy, there’s a handy velcro tape that keeps your wires organized. Another important feature of this desk is the solid brace bar between its two metal legs. It keeps the structure steady and ensures that your important devices stay safe.

Compared to other competing music studio desks, you’ll find this affordable product at the lower end of the price range. Installation may be time-consuming, so the manufacturer recommends using an electric screwdriver to make the process quicker.

3. Acme Furniture Eleazar Music Recording Studio Desk

Top Pick
Acme Eleazar Desk

Interested in getting this desk? Click the link below.

The Eleazar Studio Desk isn’t your ordinary desk—it features a supersized 71-inch working area that fits an advanced setup nicely. In addition to a wrap-around top surface, there’s a convenient keyboard tray and a spacious lower shelf where you can keep large audio equipment. 

Need more storage? No problem! This desk also has two speaker stands with multi-purpose rack spaces underneath for storing your effects processors, audio interface, and preamps. The Eleazar Desk optimizes your workflow so that everything you need is within easy reach!

This desk is constructed using MDF board and premium steel, with a desk capacity of 50 pounds and a shelf capacity of 10 pounds. Other excellent features include a center slot for efficient cable management and multiple rows of socket holders for your convenience.

Additionally, moving your entire workstation will no longer be a hassle because of this desk’s caster wheels. Once you’ve chosen your spot, you can easily lock the wheels. Replacement parts for this product are available at Acme, and the desk comes with an illustrated manual.

Studio Desk Design And Variations

The stylish and sophisticated Eleazar Studio Desk comes in two beautiful colors to match your studio’s interiors: natural oak and black oak. A larger variation of the Eleazar Studio Desk is available, with an 83-inch workspace and three stands instead of two.

Acme Furniture manufactures several other studio desks in addition to Eleazar, such as the Willow Music Desk, Megara Music Desk, and the Suitor Music Desk. Check them out!

4. Gator Frameworks Elite Series Studio Desk Workstation

Top Pick
Gator Frameworks Elite Series Desk

Interested in getting this desk? Click the link below.

This top-performing studio desk from Gator Frameworks’ Elite Studio Furniture line combines elegance, functionality, and an ergonomic design. Its double-level structure includes an upper platform for monitors and a lower platform for your MIDI controller and other mixing gear.

This desk is jam-packed with features you won’t find anywhere else! There’s a customizable rack system that allows you to conveniently switch between single and dual rack configurations using a movable divider. Plus, there’s a handy slide-out tray for your 49-note keyboard.

One unique and space-saving feature is the presence of pre-bore holes on the lower platform, for easy mounting of your desktop mic boom arm. There’s even an integrated cable organization system with removable panels on the legs for cable routing—what more can you ask for?

Adjustable leveling feet allow this desk to remain stable and reliable on uneven floors and surfaces. As for design, this modern and stylish workstation is available in four captivating colors: dark walnut, black, driftwood gray, and natural maple.

Workstation Expansion Options

Skip the hassle of scaling your workstation by upgrading your studio desk with other innovative and highly functional pieces from the Elite Furniture Collection.

Gator Frameworks’ rack side-car table can handle up to 10 more units of rack gear with added surface space and a slide-out tray. If you want a wider working area, there’s also a corner piece that seamlessly attaches to either side of your studio desk. Nice!

5. Eureka Ergonomic Wing Shaped 72'' Large Studio Music Desk

Top Pick
Eureka Ergonomic Desk

Interested in getting this desk? Click the link below.

Whether it’s a large wing-shaped workspace, adjustable desk height, or convertible shelves you’re looking for—the Eureka Ergonomic Studio Music Desk has it all! It’s fully equipped with a dual motor system that smoothly lifts your table from 29–48 inches without making a sound.

What’s more, this smart desk uses anti-collision technology, hall sensors, and AI control to avoid obstacles and prevent accidents while in use. Feel free to preset four of your most frequently used desk heights and quickly adjust heights with the touch of a button.

An ergonomic wing-shaped design provides ample space for flexible movement while keeping all your studio gear within reach. This desk accommodates an impressive 220 pounds and has a smooth carbon fiber texture that’s both water and heat-resistant.

You can position the shelves in three ways: in the middle for your studio monitors, on the left and right to serve as display shelves, or to the sides to make room for 3–4 monitors at the center. Set the mood using single and multi-color lighting, with 6 RGB colors and 1 white light to choose from.

Dual Slots And Other Features

Additional features of this outstanding desk include dual slots for tablets and phones, two headphone hangers, and a rotating cup holder. 

But wait, there’s more! It has an adjustable keyboard tray that rotates up to 360° and tilts for up to 15° to prevent hand soreness. It comes with a full coverage premium tailored mouse pad with a non-slip rubber base. To top it all off, this desk has a black laminated finish for an elegant look.

Final Thoughts

With so many recording studio desks to choose from, it can be tricky to find one that deserves to be the center of your workspace. Hopefully, our list has given you a few ideas on the best desk for your budget, interior design, available space, and studio requirements.

If storage and surface space are your top priorities, we recommend the Eleazar Studio Desk from Acme Furniture. Meanwhile, Armocity’s 47'' Music Studio Desk offers great value for money, and Eureka Ergonomic provides countless customization options and functionality.

Remember, the more comfortable you are with your workstation, the more time and energy you can devote to producing high-quality music for you and your listeners.

"Some of the links within this article are affiliate links. These links are from various companies such as Amazon. This means if you click on any of these links and purchase the item or service, I will receive an affiliate commission. This is at no cost to you and the money gets invested back into Audio Sorcerer LLC."

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