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Soundraw Review: Royalty-Free AI Music Creation

February 10, 2024 
Last Updated on February 10, 2024

Soundraw is a versatile and user-friendly AI music creation tool that allows for easy modification and customization, making it a valuable resource for content creators and musicians.

Key Insights

  • The AI provides detailed information about the generated music, including genre, moods, BPM, and length.
  • PR mode in Soundraw allows for easy modification of song length, BPM, instruments, and key, making it a versatile tool for content creators and musicians.
  • The ability to modify instruments and experiment with different backing tracks in Soundraw allows for a more personalized and unique music creation process.
  • Soundraw allows for easy modifications and adjustments to create a more cohesive and impactful music composition.
  • The creator plan is $16.99 a month if paid annually, but $19.99 a month if paid monthly, so it's more cost-effective to go for the annual plan.
  • The Creator plan for Soundraw is specifically designed for content creators to use AI-generated music in their YouTube videos, podcasts, and gaming content.


  • 00:00: Soundraw is an AI music generation service that offers 100% royalty-free music with different use cases, plans, and pricing options available.
  • 01:17: Soundraw allows easy music creation with options for genre, mood, theme, length, tempo, and instruments, and the AI can generate new options based on user preferences.
  • 03:29: Adjust the energy levels to add more instruments and power to different sections of the song.
  • 05:19: Soundraw allows easy modification of music for content creators and musicians, including adjusting intensity, length, BPM, instruments, and key.
  • 08:13: Soundraw allows users to adjust track volumes and intensity levels, while also modifying the song with backing track changes, bass drops, and drums fills.
  • 10:43: Adjusting the intensity of the music for different parts of the song to create a chill vibe and build up to a big explosion in the chorus.
  • 13:17: Soundraw offers a free trial for unlimited song creation, with a paid creator plan for content creators to use AI-generated music in their videos, podcasts, and gaming, but not for lo-fi girl style videos.
  • 16:30: Soundraw is a great product worth checking out for content creators and musicians, despite some limitations in track separation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who founded Soundraw?

Tago Kusunoki founded Tokyo-based Soundraw in February of 2020.

Can I use Soundraw for free?

Soundraw offers a free plan in which you can create and bookmark unlimited music. The catch is that you can't download any of your creations.

Is Soundraw music royalty-free?

Yes! With any paid plan you can use the music without any copyright issues. The only instance where you can't is if you release the song as is without modifications. If you are using it strictly as background music in a video or podcast then you don't have to edit it at all.

Can I use Soundraw for YouTube?

You can use any music created from Soundraw in your YouTube videos and even still monetize them. IMPORTANT: You can't make "Lofi Girl" style videos or your will likely get your account banned.

What is the controversy with AI music generation?

When it comes to AI music creation, the question of morality comes into play. Is it right to let AI create something that is meant to be artistic and come from the heart? With AI taking over the world in many industries, this question will continue to arise and honestly the answer is a personal one.

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2 comments on “Soundraw Review: Royalty-Free AI Music Creation”

  1. What do you mean "Lofi Girl" style YT videos? Do you mean all ambient YT videos with a still AI generated image and AI generated music?

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