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The Top 5 Best Reverb Plugins for Creating Space in Your Mixes

April 18, 2023 
Last Updated on May 6, 2023

For audio engineers, reverb is a vital element of professional mixing. This fundamental time-based effect is responsible for creating acoustic spaces, developing depth, or simply adding a burst of excitement to your tracks.

In the past, reverbs were recorded in physical rooms or echo chambers. Today, advances in technology allow us to craft delicate spaces for vocals and instruments in just a few clicks, minus the rooms. 

Whether you’re a new producer testing out your skills or a veteran on an important project, you’ll surely appreciate the features and performance of the best reverb plugins on the market. Keep reading to find outstanding reverbs of different types, prices, and specs!

Baby Audio Crystalline

Top Pick
Baby Audio Crystalline

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Crystalline is the perfect match for next-generation music producers with an ear for lush, unique, and pristine sound. This high-tech studio reverb plugin features over 300 versatile presets and has won multiple awards, including Plugin Boutique’s Reverb Plugin of the Year.

As an algorithmic reverb, Crystalline utilizes modern computing power to add innovation and higher fidelity to the classics. It aims to create an unreal sound that’s not bound by the constraints of the natural world. 

Experience unlimited control over shaping your reverb space via Crystalline’s exceptional interface. It lets you sync your reverb’s attack and decay time to your track’s tempo for clean mixes. You can also select the Sync/MS switch to set your own pre-delay and decay times.

Additional Features

Crystalline’s Reflections Section provides options for size, length, sparkle, and width. These functions allow you to adjust your room’s size, length, brightness, and stereo image width. 

Meanwhile, the Clean-up Section has filters for damping and sides. Say goodbye to cluttered and muddy mixes!

Here’s an overview of Crystalline’s other key sections:

  • Depth Section: Resolution, Modulation, and Shimmer buttons for your reverb algorithm
  • Shape Section: Tone, Smoothing, and Warp options for reverb frequency and profile 
  • Output Section: Tweak your reverb using effects such as Ducker, Reverse, and Freeze
  • Top Panel: Contains controls for Color, Eco Mode, Save Preset, and Tool Tips

Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics

Top Pick
Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics

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If you’re looking for an all-in-one plugin that features most of the audio industry’s best-sounding reverbs, then Slate Digital’s VerbSuite Classics is the one for you! This suite utilizes LiquidSonics’ powerful fusion IR processing to capture and replicate every modeled reverb.

The end result: dynamic and full reverbs that’ll satisfy most audiophiles and discerning listeners. Additionally, this plugin has a 3-band EQ and dry/wet control for you to craft your reverb tone and enhance your mix just the way you want them.  

That’s not all—VerbSuite Classics boasts countless adjustable parameters that give you complete control over your reverb! Choose from hundreds of pro presets that’ll speed up your workflow while producing flawless results. There’s an A/B System for comparing settings too!

Additional Features

A quick glance at VerbSuite Classics’ sleek and elegant interface will show you the decay control for lengthening or shortening your reverb. A handy attack control and pre-delay control help you transform the dimensions of your virtual room and boost the clarity of your sound.

 Here’s a quick glance at the eight legendary reverb models that this tool has in store:

  • FG-480: A popular industry standard reverb with a distinct and classic sound
  • FG-2016: An American-made reverb used in plenty of hit records for its realistic rooms
  • FG-250: A thick, easy-to-mix, and great-sounding reverb that’s originally from Germany
  • FG-QRS: An early eighties digital reverb with transparency that’s fantastic for vocals
  • FG-2000: A hard-to-find Japanese-made reverb that’s phenomenal on drums
  • FG-16X: A microprocessor-controlled reverb known for its rich and smooth tone
  • FG-6000: A Danish digital reverb powerhouse fit for both small and large spaces 
  • FG-BM7: A free expansion pack with an incredible sounding and highly rated reverb

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iZotope Neoverb

Top Pick
Izotope Neoverb

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As for Neoverb, it’s dubbed as an intelligent reverb that listens to you. How? For starters, this plugin features a one-of-a-kind real-time reverb assistant. It’ll guide you in choosing, and blending reverbs depending on your purpose and creative tastes.

What’s more, Neoverb has an AI-enabled EQ section that actually listens to your audio and assists you in preventing mud, artifacts, and masking! You can opt for the pre-EQ with auto-cut function to thoroughly clean your input signal for an awesome-sounding reverb.

There’s also an innovative blend pad that allows you to mix up to three reverbs all at once to give your instruments and vocals the best placements and environments. Plus, this fast and functional tool is automatable and has distinct size controls for each reverb type.

Additional Features

But wait, there’s more! Go deeper with Neoverb’s advanced panel, which allows you to adjust and customize parameters. Its convenient controls have individual settings for three reverb styles. Plus, there are dozens of unique presets crafted by sound designers for different genres.

Another great feature to try is the masking meter which safeguards your mixes from being muddy and helps you monitor reverb build-up. This tool seamlessly integrates with other iZotope plugins such as Relay, Neutron 3, VocalSynth 2, and Nectar 3 Plus.

These additional features can help you mix faster and blend easier without compromising on reverb quality:

  • AI-powered unmasking tool
  • Mod pad with two modes for creative reverb modulation
  • Pre-delay control for adding depth and distance to your sound
  • Smooth slider to control sharp and percussive sound sources

Solid State Logic FlexVerb

Top Pick
Solid State Logic FlexVerb

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Solid State Logic has been in the pro audio industry for several decades with a proven track record for superior sonic quality. The company excels in providing audio hardware and software tools, such as 500 Series modules, SSL consoles, and SuperAnalogue desk mixers.

One prime example of Solid State’s dedication to versatile sound is the FlexVerb reverb plugin. This flexible tool has a split early-late reflection interface that enables you to add the flawless tone and body of multiple early room reflections, with various reverb tail options to add richness.

With FlexVerb, you’ll achieve professional mix-ready sound using advanced, yet intuitive, features and controls. Choose from four algorithmic reverb types: Room, Hall, Plate, and Chamber, to give your sound the ambiance, space, depth, and detail that it needs.

Additional Features

FlexVerb also comes with a 6-band EQ, 3-band reverb time multipliers, and high and low pass filters for more control over your reverb’s frequency response and to ensure that it sits seamlessly in your mix. Get the job done using knobs, draggable nodes, and numeric control.

Similarly, this plugin’s built-in output compressor is well-equipped with plenty of easy-to-set responses. A lockable wet/dry mix control allows you to compare presets and craft the right amount of reverb. Don’t forget the handy infinite reverb tail and kill switch options!

Indeed, the FlexVerb plugin comes jam-packed with impressive features. Here are several more for you to check out:

  • Independently configurable early and late reflection types
  • Plugin can run natively on Apple silicon Macs
  • Small, medium, and large sizes for early reflections
  • Modulation, reverb time, diffusion, size, and pre-delay controls
  • Built-in factory preset management system

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Audio Ease Altiverb 7

Top Pick
Audio Ease Altiverb 8

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True to its name, Audio Ease Altiverb 7 makes everything about professional convolution reverb as simple and convenient as possible. This highly rated plugin is an industry standard and a studio essential when it comes to music production and post-production.

Altiverb 7 features an outstanding Impulse Response (IR) library that’s easily accessible through its new and improved visual browser. These impulse responses are the result of Audio Ease’s travels all over the world in pursuit of acoustics from the best-sounding spaces.

Gain access to sought-after musical spaces such as the concert halls of Berlin, Amsterdam, or Los Angeles for orchestral productions. You can also virtually travel to some legendary rock studios in Paris or New York. If you prefer, you can place your audio in a French Cathedral, too.

Additional Features

The possibilities are endless with the Altiverb Library of Acoustics. Best of all, the plugin is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. All you have to do is click a photo of a room to get your desired impulse response. Plus, every month, you’ll gain new impulse responses at no cost!

Another feature worth mentioning is Altiverb 7’s vast collection of vintage reverb gear and echo chambers. There are EMT plates, spring reverbs, and even Frank Sinatra echo chambers for classical music production. Total recall automation and stage positioning are also available. 

Take a look at Altiverb 7’s other notable and impressive features:

  • Brightness parameter and chaotic modulation
  • Musical reverb gates and delay feature
  • Keyword search field for the Impulse Response browser
  • Single-click downloading and instant gapless loading
  • Organize-by-size option

Final Thoughts

Your choice of reverb has a significant impact on the depth, detail, and character of your final mix. If you want to craft satisfying reverbs instantly without having to go through tedious trial and error, selecting the right reverb tool is a must.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed some of the best reverb plugins in the audio industry. Each has its own set of distinguishing features and the capacity to add space and dimension to your tracks. 

Ultimately, the best reverb for your mix is the one that suits your sound requirements, personal taste, and previous experience. Experimentation is one way to find the perfect reverb—so don’t be afraid to give a few promising plugins a try!

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