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LANDR Distribution: Your Gateway To Global Music Platforms

June 1, 2023 

Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned musician, much of your time and efforts go into creating the perfect sound. From songwriting and composing to mixing and recording, there are countless steps to accomplish before your track is finally ready for release.

To top it all off, you also need to ensure that your music gets enough exposure and reaches the right audience. If not, eager listeners and potential fans might miss out on your masterpiece. If only there was a quick and simple way to get your songs out into the world, right?

Well, that’s exactly what LANDR distribution is for! This user-friendly platform takes the hassle and hidden fees out of music distribution, allowing your best work to get released, promoted, and heard by fans on over a hundred global music platforms and stores, no label necessary.

Ready to get heard? Read on!

LANDR Studio

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What Is LANDR?

LANDR is a creative platform specializing in AI-powered music mastering, collaboration, distribution, and promotion. It’s built by a community of music creatives, engineers, and producers with one mission: to give music makers the freedom to create and be heard.

Whether it’s plugins, sample packs, or tutorials you need, LANDR’s end-to-end music production tools will assist you in every step of the production process, so you can create, collaborate, master, and distribute your best music without limitations!

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LANDR Music Distribution

LANDR distribution is one of the simplest and fastest ways to digitally release your music and earn from the results. It allows you to reach fans in over 150 streaming platforms and online stores, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, and Pandora.

What sets LANDR’s music distribution services apart from the rest is the full control and unlimited support that it offers to musicians and artists—over releases, royalties, and everything in between. No need for expensive labels and complicated contracts!

As a one-stop shop online music distributor, LANDR streamlines the distribution process, so you can publish your masterpieces with ease. Take advantage of its user-friendly release builder to seamlessly transition from studio to streaming anytime and anywhere.

Effortlessly track your releases, earnings, success stats, and fan base from one convenient dashboard, and make informed decisions on what’s the next big step for your music career.

Music Release Rights

You might be thinking: Will LANDR own my music rights after the release? 

Rest assured, the answer is no. Like LANDR’s mastering services, you’ll get to keep complete ownership of your music before and after its release.

Note that some LANDR distribution plans take a portion of your royalties. The purpose is to maintain your releases, which stay live as long as you wish. The main benefit is that you’ll continue earning money from the music you’ve released even if you cancel your plan.

The best part of it all is that there are no hidden fees. That’s right, you’ll experience 100% transparency over your rights and royalties, allowing you to share your musical masterpiece with a global audience without worries and hesitation.

Plus, the platform ensures that everyone gets their fair share through royalty split options for collaborators.

Excellent Customer Service And Support

Enjoy complete creative freedom over your work while getting all the support you need from LANDR’s Artist Success Team and community of 4 million creators, industry experts, and music lovers. 

If you need assistance, reach out to a distribution specialist and get a fast and insightful response. Got a question? Feel free to consult the LANDR blog, a resource hub with tips, tutorials, and topics covering everything from song releases to promotions and streaming.

L&R Playlist

When you release with LANDR, your songs will be featured on an L&R playlist, a collection of fresh and trending tracks from the platform’s emerging community of artists. Gain valuable exposure for your authentic sound through these five exceptional playlists:

  • L&R Chill: Atmospheric beats that set you in the mood for work, study, or relaxation
  • L&R Cafe: Light, easygoing, and comforting melodies from various genres
  • L&R Neon: Upbeat, exciting, and electronic music ideal for parties, dancing, or workouts
  • L&R Heat: A collection of fresh hip-hop, soul, and rap music by various rising artists
  • L&R Distort: Guitar-heavy songs that’ll get you head-banging and toe-tapping in no time

LANDR Promotions

With LANDR Promolinks, you can create a personalized website that allows fans and listeners to stream and buy your tracks on their favorite platforms. It has all your streaming links and relevant info in one place, optimizing and simplifying your promotion efforts.

Additionally, it’s customizable, easy to share on social media, and allows audiences to listen to your music regardless of their device or platform. Best of all, Promolinks is a free feature when you release your music with LANDR!

LANDR Distribution Plans And Pricing

Here’s a quick overview of the features included in all of LANDR’s distribution plans:

  • Artist-friendly music distribution and monetization
  • Collaboration, marketing, and promotion tools
  • Detailed statistics on releases and revenues
  • Access to creator community and educational content
  • Support from the Artist Success Team
  • Easy cover song licensing
  • Professional label services

LANDR offers three distribution plans with subcategories:

1. Unlimited Plan (Unlimited releases for up to 5 artists, you keep 100% of royalties)

LANDR distribution unlimited release pricing.

2. Pay Per Release (Release a single or album for a one-time free, LANDR takes 15% of royalties)

LANDR distribution pay per release pricing.

3. LANDR Studio (Everything they have to offer! $19.99/month or $143.88/yearly)

LANDR Studio pricing.

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Final Thoughts

After selecting the LANDR distribution plan that best fits your needs, all that’s left for you to do is access LANDR’s easy-to-use distribution wizard to upload your music and release it to listeners worldwide. That’s effortless music distribution right at your fingertips!

You’re free to switch plans and adjust your subscription anytime, according to your needs and release schedule. LANDR eliminates the hassle, complications, and unnecessary fees involved in releasing songs, so you can focus on making music that matters to you and your audience. So, what are you waiting for? Take creative control of your releases and royalties and enjoy a thriving music career with LANDR Music Distribution!

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LANDR Studio logo.

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