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Why LANDR Sessions Is A Game-Changer For Music Production

April 22, 2023 
Last Updated on May 4, 2023

When it comes to real-time music collaboration, most mainstream videoconferencing apps lag behind in performance. Issues such as distorted audio, bad latency, and poor sound functionality prevent artists and creators from producing the best sound possible.

LANDR Sessions conveniently provides a solution to these problems by providing high-quality audio and seamless collaboration directly from your DAW! It’s one of the leading creative communication platforms built specifically for musicians by musicians.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about LANDR Sessions, from features and functionality to pricing and usage. Read on to discover why this impressive software is a true game-changer in the music industry.


Screenshot from the about us page on the LANDR website.

LANDR Audio Inc. is a music production software company based in Montreal, Quebec. It specializes in audio engineering, artificial intelligence, music mastering, and distribution. 

Justin Evans, Stuart Mansbridge, and Pascal Pilon founded and launched LANDR in 2012. The company is best known for its groundbreaking developments in using AI to automate the mastering process of audio tracks. 

At present, LANDR has mastered over 20 million tracks for more than 4 million users! Through its online cloud-based platform, the company also provides access to an impressive audio sample library, plugins, and collaboration tools.

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What Is LANDR Sessions?

Screenshot from the LANDR website of the Sessions page.

LANDR Sessions is a video chatting tool that allows musicians to stream video and audio straight from their Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) without compromising on quality. Using this plug-in, artists are able to collaborate with producers or other artists remotely or on the go. 

You can use Sessions to obtain real-time feedback, tweak your tracks, and oversee a recording session from the comfort of your own home. This app also enables you to do remote songwriting and mixing as if you were in a private studio with your collaborators! 

On top of that, Sessions lets you preview and share tracks with clients. Plus, you can download the LANDR mobile app to collaborate and listen to mixes anytime, anywhere.

How Do I Use LANDR Sessions?

Using LANDR Sessions to connect and collaborate with other artists is a fairly simple process. To get started, you have to create a LANDR account and log in. 

You also need to download and install the LANDR Sessions plug-in. Sessions currently supports MacOS X 10.13+ and Windows 10. You can try the app for free on the LANDR official website.

After installation, open your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and add the plug-in to your master bus. Sessions is compatible with most major DAWs that host VST3 or AU formats, such as:

Once you’ve successfully added the plug-in, you can start hosting sessions! 

In addition to sharing clear sound from your DAW, this tool allows you to send messages, select reactions, share your screen, open your camera, and use your microphone. Feel free to invite other collaborators to your session and to password-protect your meeting for added security.

Who Is LANDR Sessions For?

Two guys in a recording studio creating music in front of a computer.

LANDR Sessions is a platform that’s built for musicians, DJs, artists, mastering engineers, creatives, and other industry professionals. Whether it’s your first time making music or you’re a seasoned producer, Sessions can take your sound to the next level with its advanced features.

Sessions is for musicians who want to skip the technicalities of audio sharing and video chatting and just want to focus on creating and producing good music. Instead of having to juggle between numerous programs, this app allows you to share audio in just a few clicks!

What’s more, music experts and lecturers can use Sessions to provide group lessons to students with superb sound quality. Songwriters and major record labels, such as Disney, Atlantic Records, and the Warner Music Group, are part of the LANDR community as well.

How LANDR Sessions Revolutionizes Music Production

Say goodbye to tedious file sharing, distorted audio recordings, and confusing workflows! Sessions eliminates unnecessary costs and streamlines music production with its user-friendly, intuitive, and high-performing interface that seamlessly integrates with most DAWs. 

Unlike other videoconferencing apps, Sessions is built with musicians in mind. Its goal is to stream exceptional audio straight from your DAW to your listener’s ears as if they’re sitting right next to you. With real-time voice and video chat, you’ll get instant feedback on your tracks.

Whether you’re a music teacher, songwriter, or producer, Sessions opens doors to collaboration with individuals from all over the world. Overall, it’s a revolutionary tool that makes professional in-studio music production possible regardless of time zones and location.

LANDR Studio Pricing

Screenshot of pricing off the LANDR website.

LANDR Studio is an all-in-one subscription to LANDR’s extensive lineup of mastering, collaboration, and music distribution tools, as well as various plug-ins and audio samples. 

This music production suite contains everything you need to create, promote, and distribute music for the price of $149.99 when billed upfront. You can also opt for the monthly plan, which costs $19.99.

All LANDR Studio plans come with the following extraordinary features:

  • Unlimited releases to 150+ distribution platforms
  • Unlimited MP3 downloads and revisions
  • Superb quality DAW streaming
  • 36 WAV masters per year
  • 1,200 samples credits per year
  • LANDR FX Suite

LANDR vs. Sessionwire

LANDR vs Sessionwire graphic.

Sessionwire is another noteworthy music collaboration app that offers live video and studio-quality audio streaming during calls. What’s unique about this tool is that it enables 1080p video resolution, 200 collaborators, and three concurrent audio streams in its Studio Plan.

This platform also provides cloud-based storage, which is handy when conducting live sessions with musicians and producers. Sessionwire Studio offers three basic plans: Studio Free, Studio Basic for $9 monthly, and Studio for $29 monthly.

In comparison, LANDR Studio comes at a lower price than the full version of Sessionwire. What’s more, LANDR provides substantially more features as a complete music production suite, while Sessionwire focuses solely on creative communication for sound production.

Final Thoughts

With its superior quality DAW streaming, high-capacity collaboration options, wide compatibility, and screen-sharing feature, LANDR Sessions is indeed a game-changer when it comes to music production.

Collecting feedback from producers, overseeing a recording session, and group songwriting become incredibly easy with this convenient plug-in. What’s more, this tool comes at a budget-friendly price, especially if you avail it as part of the LANDR Studio plan. 

Regardless of your role in the sound production process, LANDR Sessions is definitely worth trying. Go ahead and let your listeners hear your music the way it’s meant to be heard!


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