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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Keyboard Stands For 2024

March 30, 2024 
best keyboard stands
Last Updated on March 30, 2024

Investing in a quality keyboard is a fantastic step forward. Yet, you might not realize that owning a decent keyboard stand may be just as crucial.

In fact, the right keyboard stand can make a huge difference to your whole experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional musician or just a hobbyist, you definitely could use one.

In this article, we’ll explore five of the best keyboard stands in the market. So, keep reading.

Included in this guide:

Best Overall
Gator Frameworks Double Brace X-Style Keyboard Stand

Gator Frameworks Double Brace X-Style Keyboard Stand

  • Sturdy double brace design
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Rubberized leveling feet for extra security
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On-Stage KS8290X Pro Single X Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS8290X Pro Single X Keyboard Stand

  • Single X-style frame made with 30mm square tubing
  • Non-slip rubber end caps
  • "ERGO-LOK" trigger-clutch system
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Top Pick
K&M Konig & Meyer 18820.019.55 Omega Pro Keyboard Table-Style Stand

K&M Konig & Meyer 18820.019.55 Omega Pro Keyboard Table-Style Stand

  • Table-style design with a large surface area
  • Adjustable height and tilt angle
  • Lightweight and portable design
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Top Pick
On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand

On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand

  • Heavy-duty steel frame with Z-style two-tier design
  • 400 lbs weight capacity (and 60 lbs for second tier)
  • Adjustable height (from 23.5" to 36.5")
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Lowest Price
Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Adjustable Keyboard Stand

Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty Adjustable Keyboard Stand

  • Double X-shape design
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Sturdy construction with non-slip end caps
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The Top 5 Best Keyboard Stands

The Gator Frameworks (GFW) Double Brace X-Style keyboard stand is one of the most popular choices among musicians. With its double brace design, this keyboard stand ensures support for the heaviest keyboards (up to 200 lbs).

Principally, the X-style design makes the setup easier and allows for quick adjustments too. Conveniently, you can alter the height of this keyboard stand to go anywhere from 3” to 40”, accommodating different preferences.

Furthermore, this GFW keyboard stand comes with rubberized leveling feet. Such a feature allows for maintaining a firm grip on various surfaces for added stability.

  • It folds flat for convenient storage and transportation, making it ideal for most situations.
  • Aside from maintaining stability, the rubberized feet also help extend the life of the stand by protecting it from dents.
  • It features a gator teeth snap-tight locking mechanism that helps secure the stand in place.
  • The height adjustment feature is limited to specific increments determined by the interlocking teeth.

Made of heavy-duty steel, the On-Stage KS8290X Pro is a superb keyboard stand. It handles up to 275 lbs, providing support for keyboards of various sizes and weights.

Additionally, its adjustable height allows for easy customization. On top of that, you can also adjust its width according to the size of your keyboard. In general, the On-Stage KS8290X Pro can go from 27" to 38" tall and 12" to 32" wide.

Equipped with non-slip rubber end caps, this keyboard stand offers unmatched stability while protecting your floor from scratches. On top of that, it features a trigger-clutch mechanism that enhances convenience and safety during use.

  • The stand features a foldable design, making it easy to store and transport.
  • It’s super easy to assemble.
  • The adjustable non-slip arm sleeves allow the stand to suit most keyboard sizes.
  • Some users reported that the stand’s lowest setting can be too high for a seated position.

Known for its durability and stability, the K&M 18820.019.55 Omega Pro keyboard stand is the real deal. It features a table-style construction that can accommodate various keyboard sizes along with other additional accessories, such as laptops, mixers, etc.

One of the features of this stand is its adjustable height and tilt angle. This allows musicians to customize it to their preferred playing position. Moreover, the non-slip rubber end caps ensure stability.

Made from heavy-duty steel and aluminum, this stand can support heavy keyboards and other equipment (up to 176 lbs). Despite that, the stand itself is lightweight and portable, folding easily for convenient storage.

  • The design of the stand allows for unobstructed leg space.
  • It comes with a carrying strap that makes the transportation process much easier.
  • It allows you to install additional tiers, mic booms, laptop stands, and other accessories.
  • It may have a higher price tag than other models.

The On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z keyboard stand provides excellent support and stability for almost all keyboard sizes. Holding up to 400 lbs in weight, it’s a fantastic solution for a double-keyboard setup.

Despite its sturdy build, this keyboard stand folds flat for easy and convenient storage, with folding dimensions of 31”×23”×10”. However, the teardown process requires complete dismantling and rebuilding.

That said, the adjustable height allows for simple customization to your preferred playing position. Overall, the On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro can be a reliable choice for musicians seeking a durable and stable keyboard stand.

  • The Z-style frame allows for decent legroom, especially when playing seated.
  • The angle of the second tier can be easily adjusted for a more comfortable experience.
  • The width of the stand is also adjustable (from 21″ to 36″) using two tightening knobs.
  • The setup and teardown process takes a bit of time.

Made of heavy-duty steel, the Amazon Basics heavy-duty adjustable keyboard stand offers superb features for its price. It provides durability and support for musicians of all levels, handling keyboards of different sizes and weights.

Primarily, its adjustable height and width feature allows you to customize its position according to your playing preferences. Moreover, it has non-slip rubber end caps to prevent slipping during performing and protect the floors.

On top of that, the collapsible design makes such a stand easy to store and transport. So, given its affordable price, this keyboard stand can definitely get the job done.

  • It’s highly affordable compared to the features it has.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to fold, set up, and adjust.
  • It offers exceptional quality and sturdiness for a stand at this price point.
  • The locking mechanism may not be as tight as it should be.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose the right keyboard stand?

When choosing a keyboard stand, you should consider a few factors. This includes your keyboard’s weight and size, preferred playing position, and portability. Overall, try to pick a stand made from durable material and check to ensure it’s not wobbly.

What are the different designs of keyboard stands?

Keyboard stand designs include X-style, double X-style, Z-style, table-style, and column-style. Each design comes with a set of features to meet different needs and preferences.

How high should I set my keyboard stand?

It varies based on your height and personal preferences. For seated positions, the stand should be at elbow height where your forearms are parallel to the ground. As for standing positions, the height needs to be comfortable enough for your wrists to remain straight.

Do I simply place the keyboard on the stand?

Most keyboard stands come with straps or attachments (clamps or brackets) to secure the keyboard in place. This way, you can avoid accidental movements or slips.

Can I use keyboard stands with different types of keyboards?

Yes, keyboard stands are compatible with many types of keyboards, including digital pianos, synthesizers, and MIDI controllers. You just need to make sure the stand’s weight capacity matches your needs.

Product Recap

The Gator Frameworks Double Brace X-Style keyboard stand shines as our top pick in this list of the best keyboard stands. It offers superior stability and versatility. As for the runner-up, we recommend the On-Stage KS8290X Pro Single X Stand for its sturdy support. Lastly, your budget-friendly option is the Amazon Basics Adjustable Stand. It offers great convenience at an affordable price.

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