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Black Salt Audio Low Control Plugin | Review & Tutorial

August 30, 2021 
Black Salt Audio Low Control Blog Cover Image
Last Updated on May 24, 2023

2021 introduced the software company Black Salt Audio along with their plugins Low Control and Escalator. Black Salt aimed to create plugins that would produce a better sound in a more simplified manner. As per the title, we will be focusing on Low Control in this article. In this Black Salt Audio Low Control review, you will learn what this plugin has to offer, how to use it, it's pricing, and does it actually deliver on its promises. Continue reading to learn whether you should add the Low Control by Black Salt Audio to your plugin arsenal.

Black Salt Audio Low Control Features

The Low Control audio plugin does exactly what its name states. It controls the low end of any sound or mix you apply it to. It provides two different ways to handle or enhance the low end with several controls over each option. These options are broken down into separate sections within the plugin interface. These sections are called Control and Enhance. In this Black Salt Audio Low Control review, we will first dive into the control section parameters.

Control Section

The control section allows you to tame low end with 4 different control parameters. These parameters work in conjunction with each other to create a cohesive low end. The parameters consist of crossover, threshold, gain reduction meter, and low gain. Lets talk about these 4 parameters and what they do.

Crossover: Any frequency below the selection will be compressed. (60Hz - 250Hz)

Threshold: The level at which compression will begin.

Gain Reduction: Shows you when and how much the signal is being compressed.

Low Gain: Level control that turns up/down level of the frequencies below the crossover.

Enhance Section

The enhance section allows you to add low end rumble or harmonics to a sound. Using the harmonics can help low end translate better on listening environments that don't replicate bass well. You can use enhance subtly to give your overall mix something extra or as a tool to fix a problem. The enhance section has two parameters within.

Enhance Frequency: The frequency in which the plugin will create harmonics from.

Enhance: Level control to turn up/down the harmonics.

How To Use Black Salt Audio Low Control

In this Black Salt Audio Low Control review we must talk about how to use the plugin. In my experience, Low Control works best on kick, bass, and an overall mix. You have to look at this plugin for either shaping an individual sound or for fixing an overall problem. Lets talk about how I recommend using Low Control per situation.

For kick, find a crossover frequency between 60hz and 100hz that works best for your song. Bring down the threshold fader until you are getting 1 to 2 decibels of gain reduction on the meter. For as much gain reduction you are getting add that much to the low gain level. For example, if you are getting 2dB of gain reduction then turn up the low gain by 2dB. This will ensure proper gain staging.

In the enhance section, find the second or third harmonic of the key of your song and chose that as the enhance frequency. Next, dial in the enhance level to taste. Adding this to the kick will make it translate better on laptops, earbuds, and other devices that don't replica bass well.

GIF of a woman in glasses asking the question are you all about that bass.

For bass, I recommend you follow the same steps as the kick. The only difference would be the crossover frequency. You need to decide whether you want the bass on top of the kick or below the kick. In most scenarios I tend to like it on top of the kick. With that being said, I would choose a crossover frequency between 100Hz and 140Hz.

For a full mix I recommend only using the control section. If you are using this on a whole mix it should be treated as a tool to fix a problem. Sometimes I receive mixes for mastering that have a low end with too large of a dynamic range. Using the control section of this plugin allows me to strategically compress it. This helps achieve a more polished sound and ultimate a louder master in the end.

Black Salt Audio Low Control plugin.

Black Salt Audio Low Control Price

No Black Salt Audio Low Control review is complete without talking about price. How much would you pay for a product that says it can fix all your low end problems? The low end of a song can distinguish whether it sounds like it was professionally mixed or not. Well, the going rate for this plugin is $99. Truthfully, there aren't many plugins out there that focus on the low end like Black Salt Audio's Low Control. Best of all, you only need one of these types of plugins in your arsenal so it's a one-and-done deal!

Final Thoughts

Does the Black Salt Audio Low Control plugin deliver on it's promises? The simple answer is yes. In my line of work I have found myself reaching for it in the mastering process to process the low end. I'm only able to mastering what I'm given so I need to be able to correct problems in the mix. I do on occasion use it on kick and bass for something extra but a majority of the time just for mastering.

Throughout this Black Salt Audio Low Control review we have talked about several topics. We have discussed what the plugin does, how to use it, it's pricing, and my thoughts on it. I hope this review has helped you decided whether or not you want to add this plugin to your collection. If you are interested in it, feel free to use my coupon code and link below to get 10% of your order. Good luck and Godspeed with controlling your low end!

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