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LANDR FX Suite Review | How To Mix Better With One Knob

July 3, 2022 
LANDR FX Suite Blog Cover Image
Last Updated on May 24, 2023

So you've come to this LANDR FX Suite review to learn more I'm assuming? The truth is a lot of people don't even know that LANDR has a suite of plugins. Even the ones that know often ask me what the heck do these plugins even do! Well, that's what this article is for.

The LANDR FX Suite is a bundle of plugins meant to make your music mixing life easier. These plugins are made up of one control parameter allowing you to dial in your sound in the most simplistic way. There is a plugin and preset to cover just about every instrument and situation.

In this LANDR FX Suite review, I'm going to talk about what is LANDR, what is the LANDR FX Suite, do an in-depth overview of each plugin, tell you how to use the plugins, and lastly give you my overall thoughts on the product. After reading this article, you will know whether or not to add these plugins to your collection. With that being said, lets get into today's topic and first discuss what is LANDR.

What Is LANDR?

We can't do a LANDR FX Suite review without first talking about what is LANDR? LANDR can best be described a creative platform for musicians. They provide a host of services making them a one-stop-shop for artists who want to make and release their music. Their services include; AI-powered music mastering, music distribution, audio plugins, remote collaboration, promotion, and various sample packs. With all these offerings you can see why LANDR has been going strong for years now.

LANDR first launched in 2014 in Montreal, Canada. They have since helped millions of musicians from all over the world. Their mission is to give music creators the freedom to create and to be heard.

LANDR says,

"Our growing team is made up of left brained creative technologists, right brained music professionals and everyone in between. Many of us are mastering engineers, music producers and music creatives. We love music. We love musicians."

Now that your know who and what is LANDR, lets get into the meat of this article and talk about the LANDR FX Suite.

What Is The LANDR FX Suite?

The LANDR FX plugin suite is made up of five independent single knob audio plugins. Within the suite there is FX Acoustic, FX Bass, FX Beats, FX Electric, and FX Voice. These plugins are ran by powerful algorithms and audio processing backed by tried and true mixing techniques. The overall goal is for the user to be able to get trusted results faster.

Between all of the LANDR FX plugins there are over 240 presets to help you dial in your sound. Short of an input and output knob, these plugins are truly just made up of one parameter. This parameter goes by the term "blend" and it is used to determine how much of the effect you want mixed into your sound. It doesn't get any simpler than that!

Whether you want to add some instant enhancement to your sound or add some crazy effect, LANDR FX Suite has something for everything. In this LANDR FX Suite review, lets now move onto talking about the individual plugins.

LANDR FX Suite Plugin In-depth Overview

As mentioned above, the LANDR FX Suite is made up of five different plugins. In this section of the article we are going to go in-depth into each plugin so you can learn what they do. But, before we talk about these plugins, take a look at the bullet points below to familiarize yourself even more with the LANDR FX Suite.

  • 5 LANDR FX plugins for production and mixing all bundled up in a great savings package.
  • Designed by musicians for musicians from all different backgrounds and genres.
  • Includes LANDR FX Acoustic, Bass, Beats, Electric, and Voice plugins.
  • Sculpt your tracks with EQ and effects including delay, reverb, saturation, phaser, chorus, and more.
  • Over 240 presets that capture essential studio sounds in both modern and vintage environments.
  • All plugins feature an intuitive blend knob for easy mixing of multiple effects.

Now in this LANDR FX Suite review, lets talk about our first plugin which is the LANDR FX Acoustic.

LANDR FX Acoustic

LANDR FX Suite Acoustic audio plugin.

LANDR FX Acoustic come with 50 meticulously designed presets that can enhance or modify your acoustic instruments in every which way. This plugin is meant for acoustic guitar, piano, violin, and pretty much anything acoustic. You can add sparkle to the high end of an acoustic guitar or make a piano sound more intimate. There is a preset for just about everything.

LANDR FX Acoustic come with 5 banks of presets.

  • Creative: Use these presets for an overall acoustic sound.
  • Reverb: Put your acoustic instruments in a natural or larger-than-life space.
  • Delay: Add some echo and atmosphere to your acoustic instruments.
  • FX: Effects such as flanger, chorus, phaser, saturation, and compression.
  • EQ: Tonally shape the sound of your acoustical instrument.

LANDR FX Acoustic is great one knob solution to get that perfect clarity, definition, or ambiance quickly.


LANDR FX Suite Bass audio plugin.

If you are looking to thicken up your bass guitars, widen your 808s, or make your synths sound fuller, then the LANDR FX Bass is what you need. Best of all you can achieve these task with a few simple clicks. With 49 ready-to-go presets, you will have everything you need to get your bass bumping in no time.

LANDR FX Bass comes with 3 banks of presets.

  • Mix Tools: Use these presets for an overall bass sound.
  • Amp FX: Use these presets to add an amp sound to your bass recording.
  • Modulation FX: Effects such as chorus, flanger, phaser, wah, and talkbox.

LANDR FX Bass is a great one knob solution to enhance or control the bass tracks in your mix.


LANDR FX Suite Beats audio plugin.

If you're looking to add more life to your beats or drum bus, then LANDR FX Beats may be the answer you've been waiting for. FX Beats transcends styles and works well on so many different genres. You can sculpt rhythms, fix sonic characteristics, and achieve punch or control depending on your application. With 46 presets at your disposal, you'll always find something that will work with your song.

LANDR FX Beats comes with 6 banks of presets.

  • Drumkit: Use these presets for an overall drum sound.
  • Kick: Use these presets to enhance your kick drum or 808 sound.
  • Snare: Use these presets to enhance your snare drum sound.
  • Cymbals: Use these presets to tame your cymbals or enhance percussion.
  • EQ: Tonally shape the sound of your drum beats.
  • FX: Overall effect sounds for full beats or individual drum sounds.

LANDR FX Beats is a great one knob solution to modifying your drum beats. Whether you want to create trash sounding drums or just make a recording sound great, this plugin's got your back!

LANDR FX Electric

LANDR FX Suite Electric audio plugin.

If you are looking to add grit, punch, or power to your electric guitar or lead synth tracks then you'll want to check out LANDR FX Electric. FX Electric will help your leads stand out the way they should or help your rhythm tracks sit better in the mix. With 50 ready-to-go presets and tons of studio-grade settings, you'll be able to hone in on the sound you're looking for in seconds.

LANDR FX Electric comes with 5 banks of presets.

  • Creative: Use these presets for an overall electric sound.
  • Reverb: Put your electric instruments in a natural or larger-than-life space.
  • Delay: Add some echo and atmosphere to your electric instruments.
  • FX: Effects such as phaser, flanger, compression, chorus, distortion, and tremolo.
  • EQ: Tonally shape the sound of your electric instrument.

LANDR FX Electric is a great one knob solution to taking control of your guitar, bass, synths and more with a single plugin.


LANDR FX Suite Voice audio plugin.

If you are in need of a plugin that can smooth, polish, and control your vocals, then look no further than LANDR FX Voice. This plugin has everything from carefully tailored EQs to soundscape reverbs to radio effects. With 46 presets you will have no trouble finding a tone or effect to take your vocal track to a new level.

LANDR FX Voice comes with 7 banks of presets.

  • Vocals: Use these presets for an overall vocal sound.
  • EQ: Tonally shape the sound of your electric instrument.
  • Reverb: Put your vocals in a natural or larger-than-life space.
  • Delay: Add some echo and atmosphere to your vocals.
  • Compression: Choose between smooth, hard, and parallel settings.
  • Saturation: Add light to heavy distortion to your vocal tracks.
  • FX: Effects such as radio, megaphone, and filtered backgrounds.

LANDR FX Voice is a one knob solution to adding new color and character to your vocal tracks in seconds.

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How To Mix With The LANDR FX Suite

A LANDR FX Suite review wouldn't be complete without some guidance on how to use the plugins would it? The plugins are honestly very versatile and can be used as a full effect with the knob all the way up or mixed in as a parallel effect. In my experience these plugins work best as a parallel effect for most applications. What I like to do is mix my instruments with other plugins first and then add one of these toward the end of the chain. Its gives it that little bit of extra spice to take the sound to the next level.

You can also use multiple instances of these plugins on one track. If you want to use compression, EQ, and saturation, then it would best to use 3 instances of the plugin. With that being said, you can stick these plugins on effects returns for things like reverb and delay. If you end up doing that you need to make sure you turn up the blend knob to 100%.

There really isn't any right or wrong way to use the LANDR FX Suite of plugins. You need to play with them and see what works best for you. For me, I will always use them as a parallel finisher effect and be a happy camper doing it!

Does LANDR FX Suite Have A Free Trial?

In this LANDR FX Suite review, of course, I'm going to let you know whether or not a free trial is available. LANDR used to have a 7 day trial but has since removed that offering. You can either buy the plugin suite outright for $99 or get it through a subscription to LANDR Studio.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this LANDR FX Suite review, you got to learn what the suite is all about and what each plugin has to offer. I've always had mixed feelings on one knob plugins but I can say LANDR FX Suite doesn't disappoint. It has high quality sounds, great presets, and just the right amount of instrument choices in its bundle. You can mix a whole song with LANDR FX from scratch or simply enhance what you already have. The choice is yours!

If you liked this article and the LANDR FX Suite, considering signing up for an all access plan with our code below. Happy Mixing!

LANDR Studio

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